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Social media: the catalyst behind the surge in Black Friday craze

Black Friday, the single biggest sale event of the year, sends everyone into a buying frenzy and even has them saving money the entire year to indulge in impulse buys on items they don't need. It's the one sales event where retailers and businesses can recover ALL their losses for the entire year, yes, over one weekend. I stumbled upon a great meme recently that humorously stated, 'Dear Black Friday, we all have big screen TVs, put those grocery eggs on sale.' While amusing, it raises a valid point. I go a step further in challenging buyers: 'Why not invest in education and empowerment?' Instead of merely purchasing and accumulating unnecessary items, why not invest in something that will continue to generate returns in the future?
Social media: the catalyst behind the surge in Black Friday craze

Social media: The catalyst behind the surge in Black Friday craze

Social media becomes the turbocharger for Black Friday, igniting a frenzy of excitement and urgency. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pulse with exclusive deals, flash sales, and limited time offers, creating a whirlwind of anticipation. The constant buzz, live updates, and tantalising glimpses into amazing discounts generate an electrifying sense of urgency. Moreover, as friends and influencers share their incredible hauls and experiences, the fear of missing out (FOMO) intensifies, propelling shoppers to dive headfirst into the shopping extravaganza before the irresistible deals disappear.

From pandemonium to profit

The Black Friday craze is evidence that social media works. This is excellent news for marketers, as it proves that we should be leveraging social media more aggressively in our marketing efforts. Social media is no longer a 'nice-to-have' but has become an essential requirement if you want to succeed in the marketplace. It's crucial to have a solid game plan in place to be proactive rather than reactive. Moreover, maintaining an engaging presence is vital. Your social media strategy should be thoughtful and well-planned; it's not just about posting and leaving (posting an ad and immediately exiting), but about taking the time to regularly engage with your audience. Keep reading for tips on how to leverage social media effectively.

Social media secrets revealed

According to the latest research there are over eight billion humans on the planet, the population grew by 1% from 2022 but social media grew by 4,5% (215 million users). And more interesting is that South African's spend the most time online globally, with a whopping 9 and half hours per month, think about the opportunity at your fingertips?

Social media: the catalyst behind the surge in Black Friday craze

How many times have we heard businesses say, 'Social media doesn’t work' or 'It’s just not for my industry'? That’s because we've been using it wrong. Some of the reasons social media isn't working include the misconception that the role is best suited for front-end staff or assigning it to the receptionist just because they're good at TikTok twerks. There's a lot of noise on social media. You post, and you only get three likes, and each time it’s the same three people - your mom, your granny, and her dog. That’s because you're posting weak, bland or ineffective content.

Social media: the catalyst behind the surge in Black Friday craze

Stop sharing weak, bland and ineffective content

What constitutes weak, bland or ineffective content? Posts lacking substance, like generic 'Happy Valentine's Day' or 'Merry Christmas' messages, or overtly sales-focused content. Share engaging, valuable content that enriches your followers' experience, hooking them and leaving them eager for more.

Think of social media as a playground or theme park: if you only go to promote your products without engaging, success in selling will be limited. People visit social platforms for enjoyment, not for business.

Social media revolves around making connections and friendships. Imagine at a party, meeting someone who only talks about their company and persistently pushes their products – it's off-putting, right? That's why sales-driven approaches often fail; social media is about fostering connections and friendship before sales.

Another common mistake is mimicking big brands without considering their vast resources. Without deep pockets, smaller businesses imitating their strategies can backfire. That's where a tailored social media plan becomes crucial.

Shiny object syndrome

Having a strategy also helps you avoid 'shiny object syndrome.' What on earth is 'shiny object syndrome,' you ask? It's the tendency to rush to every new platform launched in the market. Once you've established a solid game plan, channel all your efforts into the platforms that perform best for your brand and where your customers are flocking.

Use social media to tell your story

It's time to shift from being a consumer to becoming a producer. Instead of getting lost in the rabbit hole and squandering valuable time, use social media solely as a business tool. Begin leveraging social media in a manner that transforms it into an effective asset in your arsenal.

Social media: the catalyst behind the surge in Black Friday craze

So, the moral of the story is this: before you spend a single Rand or hire an agency or engage an influencer, take the time to thoroughly understand the psychology and mindset behind social media and its user behaviour. This understanding will enable you to set realistic expectations for your marketing team, agencies, and influencers. You'll know how to provide them with suitable content and what outcomes to anticipate in return.

Introducing our KISS framework

The KISS Framework (Keep It Simple Social) is a proven gameplan and will guide you through the rough waters of social media to success, enabling you to cut through the clutter and stand out among your competition. We've launched a brand-new program to position your brand as the preferred choice every time. These brand-new evergreen strategies won't become obsolete like the latest social network or fad. While you can outsource the implementation of your social media, the actual strategy needs to be developed in-house. Before utilising an influencer, agency, or web developer, you need to know your strategy, your ideal customer, where they hang out, your tone of voice, etc.

When was the last time you impulsively went to the airport and randomly booked a plane ticket to an offshore destination? I doubt anyone does that because you need to ensure you have the required documentation, visas, money, etc. Even with everything prepared, you'd still need some sort of itinerary for your trip. You wouldn't hop on a plane without a plan, so why do that with your marketing and social media?

In our efforts to grow small businesses and capitalise on Black Friday Cyber Monday, we are launching at half price - 50% off. It's a limited-time offer as the price will double in January 2024.

We have a moral obligation to help grow businesses and entrepreneurs. Take advantage of this too-good-to-be-true offer.

If you can't make the date, consider our one-to-one onsite or online Zoom sessions.

You will learn evergreen tactics that are not dependent on any platform. They're so simple anybody can implement them.

Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. I’m no super achiever; in fact, I am extremely shy. I call myself the anti-social social media manager because I’m naturally an introvert - I'm a lockdown level 5 kinda guy. I had to learn these strategies and tactics the hard way, hands-on. Also, it's tough in SA because you learn a bunch of strategies on YouTube yourself, you implement, and you get a ton of likes but no sales, sometimes you are just left with a spinning head. The reality is that you can only reach a small percentage of the local market, unlike the first world markets.

Social media: the catalyst behind the surge in Black Friday craze

Normal price is R3650. You pay R1825

We call this the R10-a-day social media strategy because you can turn around your business in 365 days. In fact, you will start reaping rewards even within a few weeks.

Black Friday 50% deal

The value you receive is priceless. You'll get a full-day training in a classroom environment, along with all the training materials including templates, checklists, tips, and cheat sheets. Lunch and refreshments are provided, and you'll have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. Plus, you'll receive tons of support after completing the seminar.

Date: 13 December 2023 In person / 19 and 20 December 2023 Online Zoom TBA
Time: 9am - 4pm In person / 2 x 4 hours sessions Zoom
Venue: Sandton, Johannesburg
Cost: R1825 in person / R749 Zoom

For the in-person sessions: Teas, coffees and snacks will be provided on arrival, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. A sit-down lunch will also be provided.

For the ZOOM sessions, (BYOR) Bring your own refreshments.

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What do past delegates think of Sunil's training?

Dis-Chem Ride4 Sight 20 February 2022. Great online entry thanks directly to the tutoring by Sunil. We have applied all his lessons and we are reaping the benefits. Cycling to restore the gift of Sight. Thank you Sunil from Sandy and Claudette. Retina SA

Thank you so much for your most interesting and informative workshop on LinkedIn that you hosted for our clients. It is very clear that you know your subject and we all left with a wealth of practical tips and knowledge to implement straight into our businesses. Darryn Le Grange ActionCOACH

Working with Sunil has been a remarkable experience, his fun vibe really livens up the room. Thank you Sunil for the great ideas. We are learning so much from you and we look forward to a great working relationship. Jeanine Topping (JTandA)

Sunil is the best digital platforms 'teacher' I've met so far. His K.I.S.S principle is bulletproof... Well done. We'll happily go to the next presentation... Nana Ngobese – Zest Water

It was lovely working with Sunil. We recently had two sesions with him where he delivered an informative and entertaining presentation about social media and did onsite training about search engine optimisation. Our team now have deeper insights into these platforms for improving our services. Thank you Sunil! Take Note Reputation Management

Wow, wow, wow and wow again! I can't thank Mr Sew enough for the service he provides so exceptionally well. A man so confident in what he does, that he's willing to share his years of experience with you. His product offerings are most certainly worth every penny; as he'll never leave you high and dry. I'd recommend him time and time again! Keep up the great work my good Sir! Sandiso Makhunga HR Matters

I used the services of Sunil Sew to help familiarise me with Linkedin and Instagram. He was able to de-mystify many elements and he gave me so many valuable tips that I have been able to implement easily. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and I recommend him to anyone who would like to learn more about maximising social media. Cindy Norcott ~ CEO, Pro Talent and Pro Appointments

Sunil provides easy to follow, step-by-step guidelines on how to set up and leverage your social media presence. The Social Media Manager course takes you through each aspect using a variety of learning materials, making it easy to learn and apply the new information. Sunil's course is exceptional good value for money. Highly recommended. Alison Coates ~ Emotional Intelligence Consultant, Revo Consultant

Sunil has helped and inspired me so much. His knowledge of his industry is phenomenal. He has designed my website and helped me with a lot of my social media knowledge. He always shares information generously and he is also always available if you have a question. Tessa Spanneberg ~ Mindventure Australia

As a small business owner, I stubbornly choose not to outsource my social media. I attended Sunil's course on social media. The course itself was very well organised, affordable, and gave me some excellent insights into running my own social media. Sunil's course and after-course assistance makes it easier to structure and plan my company's social media content. Tanya Hanekom Audiologist Sandton Hearing and Balance

Sunil is very kind, patient and professional. I worked with him for more than two years and learned a lot about my website and working with Wordpress. Now it’s time for Digital Marketing. In a really easy way he helps you step-by-step to understand digital marketing and everything around it. He will guide you, and always takes time to help you if you get stuck or need his help. Nathalie van der Erve ~ Faithlifestyle Holland

I cannot sing Sunil's praises enough! His course has turned on many lights for me and converted a social media wimp into an upskilled dame. His gift is that he is a genuine teacher who knows how to share his expertise in a way that makes it all seem doable, always on call to help smooth the way whatever your problem is. A thousand thank yous. Elana Bregin - Published author

Thanks for a very informative and useful course, presented in a technophobe-friendly manner. I appreciated your accessibility - your easy presentation style, your willingness to assist outside the normal class time, and the time you take to answer questions. I have been recommending your course to others who have been hesitant about social media. Debra Primo - UKZN Press - Publisher

About the facilitator: Sunil Sewpersadh

Sunil Sewpersadh is an astute digital marketing specialist who heads up Yashtech Consulting.

Yashtech Consulting has dominated the international digital space for over two decades, acquiring a reputation for combining cutting-edge innovation with strategy, design, marketing and digital acumen. Sunil has been training brands, businesses, and individuals since 2002, and has his finger on the pulse of latest digital trends and has collaborated with top companies and brands such as ActionCOACH, Aspen Pharma, Bentley, BNI, Builders Warehouse, Clearance Warehouse, Coca-Cola, DSTv, DUT, Hatfield Christian School, MasterBuilders, MTN Radio Awards, Silica, Sports Nation, The Gautrain, The RMI, Varsity College, Vega School, WeBuyFurniture, Wheelchair BasketBall SA and many top influencers and celebrities. Sunil is a people’s person whose ultimate goal is to inspire, empower and educate businesses. “When you understand the digital environment, you will reduce costs, save time and maximise your online spend, conversions and reach.”

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