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How the country is celebrating 'natural' Miss SA Zozibini Tunzi

Zozibini Tunzi, a 25-year-old CPUT student from the Eastern Cape, was crowned the 61st Miss South Africa at Time Square's Time Arena in Pretoria as the country celebrated Women's Day.
Zozibini Tunzi crowned the 61st Miss South Africa. Image credit: Miss SA.

As tweets and tabloids shared posts of congratulations and well wishes, Meltwater tracked and analysed the news media and social media.

Medical student Tamaryn Green is the new Miss South Africa 2018

The twenty-three-year-old medical student from Paarl, Tamaryn Green was crowned the 60th Miss South Africa at the Sun Arena at Times Square Casino in Pretoria on 27 May 2018.

29 May 2018

Miss Worldwide

Miss South Africa wasn’t just the talk of the town locally. While South African social mentions accounted for 23.16% of global mentions, Thailand came in second with 9.79% social mentions and the United States of America was third with 5.10% – making these the top three countries that talked about Miss South Africa 2019 this year. 

Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray, also caused social media buzz when she was announced as one of the judges for the Miss South Africa event. With the announcement being made on 5 August 2019, social reach hit 3.28 million on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter collectively. Facebook particularly saw a steady increase as local and global Facebook pages took to the platform to share the news, initially announced on Instagram.

Natural woman  

While Tunzi is the bearer of the new Buhle crown for the duration of her reign, it was her natural crown that received more news and social media attention. 

Who 'run the world' in SA's #WomensMonth social media coverage?

Meltwater has been monitoring the #WomensMonth conversations on social media in South Africa to see if girls truly 'run the world' in a month dedicated to them...

16 Aug 2019

Conversations around Zozibini’s hair dominated on Twitter the most when we analysed the top social sources for these conversations, accounting for 47.3% while blog posts came in second with 32,7%.

What social media users in South Africa thought about her hair was also predominantly positive (76.4%) on social media, as posts shared how inspiring it was to see a Miss South Africa winner sporting natural hair. Only 5.5% of all social posts negatively commented on Tunzi’s hair.

News coverage, on the other hand, garnered topics mainly around how Zozibini resides and studies in Cape Town, and is originally from the Eastern Cape. But when it comes to her hair, topics included how Zozibini’s win was redefining ‘rigid beauty standards’ and empowering more ‘black women’ to embrace their natural ‘beauty’.

Insights provided by Meltwater.
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Miss Mexico Universe 2019 opined in speech that the judges are not looking for a model but a role model. Well, she was almost right! It appeared MUorg's all-women judges were looking for a model and role model all-in-one and then found it in Miss South Africa Universe 2019 whose tribal warrior-like beauty is indeed a better icon than stereotypes or the likes of Miss Universe 2011, in these times of widespread violent subjugation of women. What's more, Miss Universe 2019 could probably generate lucrative sponsorships from South African diamond companies for the obviously cash-strapped MU org -- better than Miss Universe 2018 did from Philippine companies probably more inclined to invest in sponsorships for the 2019 SEA Games. Sincere congratulations, Queen Zozibini Tunzi!
Posted on 9 Dec 2019 10:52