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Boomtown and Cecil Nurse launch tongue in cheek radio campaign

Following the success of the Cecil Nurse Business Furniture brand positioning campaign which launched in March 2012, Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency developed phase two, which is creating conversation through a radio campaign that began in September 2012. The campaign ran on stations in Gauteng and the Western Cape, and continues on stations nationally in October.
Glen Meier and Sabrina O'Hagen
Glen Meier and Sabrina O'Hagen

Continuing the consistent Cecil Nurse brand story on radio, the campaign dramatised the widest range of office furniture, in stock and ready to go, and positioned Cecil Nurse as the leader and specialist in the industry. However the real fun began when Cecil Nurse responded to a radio advert from the competition who eluded that Brian Joffe, CEO of Bidvest, has their furniture in his office.

In the form of a live-read radio sting, Brian Joffe agreed to record an address that stated that he only buys his office furniture from Cecil Nurse, and that the audience should call Cecil Nurse to arrange an appointment to see his office, unlike others who might think they can... In a tongue and cheek tone.

The live-read ad ran in conjunction with the brand advert, further endorsing Cecil Nurse as a leader in the industry which receives credibility through its top clientele.

'It's great to partner with a company like Cecil Nurse who sees the value in a consistent strategic brand campaign, yet is flexible to adapting and responding tactically to leverage the talkability value that comes from opportunities like the Brian Joffe radio advert. It was a privilege to celebrate Bidvest with Brian Joffe and Cecil Nurse," said Glen Meier, Strategic Director, Boomtown.

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