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Infor Advanced Planning optimises supply chains

Infor, the industry cloud company, announced Infor Advanced Planning 11, a configurable constraint-based supply chain planning solution to optimise supply chains. The latest version of Infor Advanced Planning provides users with a highly configurable solution that is adaptable to the unique business requirements of the customer's supply chain, further enabling faster and more accurate decision-making.

Infor has made significant investments in scale and performance to help users identify and solve problems before they slow or halt the fluidity of the supply chain. Benchmarking performed by Infor and customers to date indicates that this release is more than 30 percent faster across the board.

An optimised plan

DENYS Rudyi via
DENYS Rudyi via 123RF

Infor Advanced Planning offers customers an optimised plan that considers cost and constraints across the entire supply chain, through sourcing, inventory, manufacturing, labour and warehousing, distribution and transportation. Advanced Planning is designed to help secure the lowest total supply chain costs while meeting organisational objectives and customer demands.

Featured enhancements to Infor Advanced Planning include a Supply Chain Optimisation model, which provides built-in flexibility enabling users to deploy the model in various situations. This template will also help reduce implementation times and lower the total cost of ownership. Additional improvements have been added to boost the performance and scale of the application.

This is achieved by using a new version of the optimisation engine CPLEX 12.6, and by converting the application to run exclusively in 64bit, which provides the needed scale to solve larger supply chain problems. In addition, Advanced Planning 11 has new conditional formatting that emphasises important values and removes the noise for the planners, resulting in improved and more informed decisions.

"For this Advanced Planning release, Infor really honed in on improving the scale and overall performance of the product to provide customers with increased flexibility and visibility across the entire supply chain," said John Bermudez, vice president, Product Management, Infor. "Advanced Planning 11 allows organisations to tackle bigger problems with more efficiency and confidence, resulting in bigger and faster decision making."

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