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Funding provided, 0% interest for investments in SilverLeaf

Investing in the fastest growing industry on the planet has never been this easy

Time is running out to invest in the fastest growing industry on the planet, with the section 12J tax investment incentive, which ends on the 30 June 2021.

“Astute investors still have an opportunity to invest in a brand new asset class, behind a solid management team, with super high investment returns and a remarkable 45% tax refund on your total investment,” Grovest CEO and co-founder Jeff Miller exclaims.

And now SilverLeaf offers an innovative financing solution for investors.

Funding provided, 0% interest for investments in SilverLeaf

The investment

SilverLeaf Investments is offering investors the opportunity of a lifetime to achieve returns of more than 20% per annum. The 12J Fund is managed by a team of highly experienced corporate finance and industry experts with the collective aim of being the leading investment fund in the South African cannabis and hemp industry. “Our first investment has already been made in one of the most advanced cannabis export businesses, with our first harvest ready before the end of the year. We also have access to international investments and a very sunny disposition investing into this magical plant's growth potential,” Cliff Giesenow, joint CEO of SilverLeaf Investments, says.

Minimum investment and payment terms

The investment range is between R100,000 (min.) and R2.5m (max.). Therefore, a R50,000 deposit paid before 30 June is all that is needed to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Pay the balance (R50,000) of your deposit before 28 February 2022 with 0% interest to make up the R100,000 investment!

At least 100 shares at R1,000 p/share is the minimum investment required (R100,000), with the maximum investment being 2,500 shares or R2,5m. Companies can invest up to R5m. If the investment made is more than R500,000 worth of shares, the balance payment after deposit will be split over two payments one on 28 February 2022 and the next on 31 December 2022.

Why the time is now?

When 12J was created, it was given a 12-year lifespan as well as a ‘sunset clause’ that expires on 30 June 2021. This allows taxpayers one more investment window into 12J, allowing them to make their investment by 30 June.

The Grovest team has been part of the 12J journey since its inception. “It has been a privilege to watch it grow, not just in terms of investment returns, but also in terms of job creation, economic stimulation and providing SMEs with access to capital they wouldn’t have had otherwise,” says Jeff Miller.

SilverLeaf Investments remains committed to clients, investors and supporters and encourages all stakeholders to make the most of this final window. Join in contributing to rebuilding South Africa’s pandemic-ravaged economy through investment where it matters most.

“The cannabis industry sparks recollections of when fax machines first came out or the rise of the internet. We are talking about high growth potential here,” comments Miller.

With investors signing up daily, a 100% deductible tax return and 0% interest charged on your credit finance on your investment, there is no better time than now to get in on the new green gold. For more information on how you can invest before 30 June please contact az.oc.stnemtsevnifaelrevlis@tsevni or visit

About SilverLeaf Investments

SilverLeaf Investments is a registered section 12J venture capital company set up to invest in the exciting new asset class of cannabis, giving investors an opportunity to be part of this high-growth, global, rapidly developing industry.

SilverLeaf Investments invests in early stage and brownfields businesses with high growth and high impact potential across the value chain. It is managed by a team of highly experienced corporate finance and industry players and aims to be recognised as the leading investment fund in the South African cannabis and hemp industry, providing lucrative returns for investors.

Silverleaf Investments Limited, an authorised financial service provider, FSP No. 49754
Instagram: @silverleafinvestments
Twitter: @silverleafin
Facebook: SilverLeaf Investments
LinkedIn: SilverLeaf Investments
Fund manager: az.oc.stnemtsevnifaelrevlis@tsevni

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