#IABSummit19: Gareth Lloyd to speak on going beyond the click

Ahead of this year's IAB Summit, taking place 30 May at the Joburg Theatre in Braamfontein, we interviewed speaker Gareth Lloyd, head of Research and Analytics at 24.com, a division of Media24, to find out what to expect from his talk on 'going beyond the click' and what this year's theme of the 'new now' means to him...
24.com recently carried out a mobile study showing the power of mobile digital advertising in detail not shown before by existing campaign and performance measurements. Traditionally, campaign performance in digital is measured by focusing on reach (awareness) and conversion (purchase) related activities, with attention being paid to clicks (CTR). This study shows the more holistic value add that mobile digital advertising provides that extends beyond the immediate measurement of clicks and conversions. A novel technological solution is used to measure these more holistic effects, showcasing the innovative and transformative power of digital.

Gareth Lloyd
Lloyd’s presentation will share insights about how different modes of advertising (video, rich media, still images) should be used with different campaign objectives, and how messaging type can produce different brand lift effects.

BizcommunityWhat are you most looking forward to regarding speaking at this year’s IAB Summit19?

As a researcher, I’m really looking forward to understanding what burning business questions various groups within the industry have. We add these onto our long list of interesting things to research.

BizcommunityYou’re going to be speaking about ‘going beyond the click’. What are you planning to share on the topic?

The talk aims at quantifying and showcasing the value of digital mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is still relatively new and we need to get a better understanding of how it works using well-established marketing frameworks.

How effective is mobile advertising?

24.com and The SpaceStation recently launched the findings of their first mobile study at an industry event in Johannesburg and Cape Town...

Issued by The SpaceStation 1 Apr 2019

Most importantly, however, the talk intends to show the greater holistic value that mobile digital advertising provides over and above simple clicks on ad units. By using new and novel digital solutions, we are able to show the broader value provided by digital publishers, hopefully shifting people’s thinking about digital advertising beyond simple short-term, performance-based outcomes.

BizcommunityTell us a bit about 24.com and your role at the company.

24.com is Africa’s largest digital publisher and hosts some of South Africa’s most commonly visited websites such as News24, Sport24, Fin24, Netwerk24 etc. My role is to primarily manage, organise and provide insights into the data we collate. The objective is to improve the quality and performance of digital advertising, journalism and overall customer experience.

BizcommunityWhat do you hope delegates will take away from your talk?

The audience should take away a few quick guides on what mobile ad units to use when running campaigns with specific or a range of objectives, as well as have a better understanding of how targeting produces different effects and how.

It's official: mobile advertising works

The SpaceStation and 24.com have released the findings from their mobile study, the first of its kind in South Africa...

Issued by The SpaceStation 12 Feb 2019

CTR and its relation to brand uplift will be examined.

The audience should get a good understanding of new metrics that measure campaign performance so that digital marketers are more able to show a more comprehensive picture of the value that they add for brands.

BizcommunityComment on the current state of digital transformation in your industry.

The publishing industry has placed considerable emphasis on digital transformation and in comparison to many other industries in South Africa, it is more advanced and mature.
The biggest challenge the digital publishing industry faces is to adapt and refine its underlying business model. Many well-known publishers abroad are realising the limitations of relying predominantly on advertising as a revenue stream. As a result, digital publishers that produce trustworthy, quality content at scale are required to look to alternative revenue streams. The optimal business model is still very much a work in progress.
BizcommunityWhat does ‘the new now’ mean to you?

The new now means capitalising as best we can on the momentous opportunity that digital transformation provides through better understanding of how it works and how it affects us, but it also means facing up to the challenges it poses:
  • An open protocol gives rise to bad actors who have contributed to the current problem of ‘the dirty web’ (fake news, spam, malicious ads, viruses, hacking).

  • The internet scales at a rate that is faster than our capacity to address current problems with it (i.e. these problems will extend to the internet of things as devices become more connected).

  • Centralisation and monopolies are a threat to the democratisation of data and the transparency of its utilisation.

  • With the current open protocol foundation of the internet, existing centralisation (information and market share accruing to a few dominant actors) will intensify as the usefulness and power of data escalate with the adoption of AI. This is because those with the largest repositories of data on people will become even more powerful and socially integrated as AI becomes embedded in everyday life (in other words, those who have the most information about us will be able to find the best use cases for AI outputs).

  • The new now requires a clear vision on accepting and addressing these issues, many of which require strong ethical decisions to be made.

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