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Meet BreadCrumbs: South Africa's first behavioural linguistics firm

South Africa's only Behavioural Linguistics™ firm, BreadCrumbs, launched in Sandton, Johannesburg this month. Rooted in behavioural science, BreadCrumbs combines sociolinguistics, psychology and marketing principles to create personalised and persuasive communication.
Leigh Crymble
Leigh Crymble

Meet BreadCrumbs: South Africa's first behavioural linguistics firm
The firm holds a core belief that compelling content is a powerful way to change behaviour and with BreadCrumbs, businesses will be helped to personify their brand and nudge their consumers towards meaningful action.

The founder of BreadCrumbs, behavioural linguist Leigh Crymble, says the need for behaviourally-nuanced communication is now more important than ever. “On any given day, consumers make roughly 40,000 decisions: where to buy groceries from, which brands of food to buy, where to go for their next meal out, what choices to make from the menu, what apps to download, and tens of thousands more. These choices are often made quickly and subconsciously,” says Crymble. By understanding behavioural psychology, brands are able to significantly improve consumer decision-making towards their products. This is where BreadCrumbs comes in.

BreadCrumbs has designed a unique linguistic framework to help guide consumers to a desired outcome – whether that is to drive leads and sales, build brand affinity or persuade someone to adopt a particular point of view.

In addition to consulting for corporates and small businesses, BreadCrumbs will support local charity organisations to help them fulfil their missions. According to Crymble, “the application of Behavioural Linguistics™ in the NPO space is just incredible. It takes more than just a string of impersonal emails to convince someone to donate their time or money.” Working with The Donor Voice, an American-based nonprofit organisation, a big part of the BreadCrumbs vision is ‘linguistics for social good’ using language to grow and optimise fundraising programmes in South Africa.

For more information about how BreadCrumbs can help your brand, business or non-profit organisation, visit or welcome them on Facebook /BreadCrumbsZA, Twitter @BreadCrumbsZA or LinkedIn /BreadCrumbsZA.

About BreadCrumbs

BreadCrumbs is South Africa’s only Behavioural Linguistics™ firm – combining sociolinguistics, psychology and marketing principles to create personalised and persuasive communication. The firm offers the development of brand strategies and creating/refining of brand positioning; in-depth audience segmentation and personality profiling; persuasive content creation using their trademarked Behavioural Linguistics framework; tailored omni-channel marketing campaigns; script writing for servicing centres and above the line advertising; social media strategy development and campaign rollout; collaborative workshops on persuasive communication; research, writing, editing and proofreading.

About the founder

With over a decade of academic and corporate experience in communication and marketing strategies, BreadCrumbs’ founder, Leigh Crymble, developed a passion for behavioural change during her tenure at Discovery Vitality, a world leader in the application of behavioural economics in financial services and health. After leaving Discovery to launch BreadCrumbs, Leigh’s wealth of experience in using linguistic methodologies and audience segmentation insights led to her developing a new framework for content development, Behavioural Linguistics™, which has applications across all industries for affecting behavioural change through communication.

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