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#Newsmaker: Claire Cobbledick promoted to GM at Gumtree SA

Former MD of The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town, Claire Cobbledick has recently been appointed GM at Gumtree SA, after joining the online classified advertisement and community website as head of marketing in 2014.
Claire Cobbledick
Cobbledick is highly respected in the industry, having been named one of the most admired agency bosses in Cape Town in 2013. She has also worked as a marketing manager for Red Bull South Africa and at a number of other advertising agencies.

I interviewed her to find out whether she will still be involved in the marketing side of things and what it took to get to where she is today...

BizcommunityCongratulations on your promotion. How do you feel about it?

I am absolutely thrilled to be leading one of SA’s largest websites. I have a long career in marketing and communications and have led large teams in this space, but it is a new opportunity to be a GM in an e-commerce business. Also, it is a great honour to be a director-level leader at eBay, such an established and successful Silicon Valley forerunner.

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By Claire Cobbledick 14 May 2018

BizcommunityWhat does the role entail? Will you still be involved in the marketing side of things?

Ultimately I am responsible for the profit and loss of Gumtree SA. Marketing is a key part of the business, but my responsibilities now include sales and business strategy.

BizcommunityWhat excites you most about Gumtree and where it’s going?

Gumtree is a strong brand enjoying massive growth in the motors area of the business. With more innovation and stronger product partnership, there is an opportunity to accelerate this even further. We have all the right ingredients; by effectively bringing them together we can unlock powerful value.

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25 Jun 2018

BizcommunityWhat do you love most about your career, and marketing/management in particular?

I am inspired by the energy of our emerging market. The entrepreneurial spirit of South Africans, and how our platform can enable all sorts of business is truly motivating.

BizcommunityWhat did it take to get to where you are today?

Hard work, determination and tenacity. Plus, the wonderful foil of having another role as a busy, multitasking mum!

BizcommunityThis Youth Month, what would you say to encourage other aspiring women in leadership?

Know your strengths and focus on maximising those rather than trying to conform to external definitions of what leadership is.

BizcommunityWhat’s at the top of your to-do list, in your new position?

Alignment in strategy and culture across our multifunctional, multiregional, multicultural group.

Mediamark and Gumtree Media team up to offer unique service to SA advertisers

Gumtree Media and Mediamark are teaming up to offer SA advertisers a unique service...

11 Jun 2018

BizcommunityWhat are you currently reading/watching/listening to for work?

I am reading The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels by Michael D. Watkins, for obvious reasons!

BizcommunityTell us something about yourself not generally known.

I started university wanting to be a lawyer, but quickly realised that documenting minutiae was not my strong suit and I found it deathly boring!
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