Claire Cobbledick

Head of Core Business at Gumtree South Africa
Location:South Africa


    Head of Core Business at Gumtree South Africa
    Before we talk about e-commerce in SA, let's define it properly

    Experts are divided about both the state and the future of e-commerce in South Africa. Some big brands, like Massmart, have elected not to establish an online store here...

    By Claire Cobbledick 26 Nov 2018

    Developing an authentic leadership style

    Every single day, in the English-speaking world, five new books are published on the topic of leadership. A cursory Google search for the term how to lead delivers 1.3 billion results in less than a second. Clearly, this tells us that there are a) no shortage of leadership styles in the world and b) no shortage of people in leadership positions that want to learn how to improve their leadership style...

    By Claire Cobbledick 3 Aug 2018

    Thinking like a retailer: How online sellers can meet customer expectations

    Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of Gumtree. So much so that we have coined the term Gumtrepreneurs for anyone who is building a business, or a making bit extra on a side hustle...

    By Claire Cobbledick 14 May 2018

    Trade in second-hand goods the hidden boom in SA economy

    While the formal South African economy is clearly struggling - the finance minister's grim budget on Wednesday confirmed that harsh truth - there is one key segment of the economy which is booming...

    By Claire Cobbledick 22 Feb 2018

    Me-commerce to We-commerce, explains e-commerce power shift

    Trade will find you in the comfort of your own home, with a veritable flood of merchants next door. Individuals are thinking differently about the dead capital in their homes...

    By Claire Cobbledick 8 Jan 2015

    The internet has changed our brains: Has your company stayed the same?

    The way we think, read and shop has changed for good. The way we shop online and the way we operate offline are distinctly different things...

    By Claire Cobbledick 31 Oct 2014

    The game of clones: Differentiation for the modern business

    Strategic thinkers and marketers have been drilling the concept of a unique selling point or differentiator into our heads.

    By Claire Cobbledick 14 May 2014

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