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Five reasons to love women in marketing

In honour of International Women's Day today, 8 March, we've highlighted some of the key things we believe make women outstanding in the field of marketing and communications.

1. Living empowerment

"A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman." Melinda Gates

It’s no small thing that most women in the industry have often worked even harder than their male counterparts to get where they are. We don’t take that for granted. When you have reached for the sky you want others to reach for the sky too. By being in top positions, female leaders, in whatever field, are a testimony to the living empowerment of what women can achieve.

2. Designing value

"Women are the real architects of society." Harriet Beecher Stowe, American Abolitionist and Author

It’s seldom you’ll find a women-driven campaign that is one dimensional. We’re programmed to find solutions and to add value. This value usually extends to more than a client’s needs in terms of ROI – it will have longer legs, lasting value, benefit the consumer and intimately have the longevity to impact change.

3. Mentorship over leadership

“You can show your scars - you're not trying to be perfect.” Kristin Lemkau, CMO, JPMorgan Chase

Personal development is high on the agenda for women. It comes from an innate desire to push people to be the best that they can be – rather than bask in the glory themselves. Many women in leadership positions would define themselves as mentors rather than leaders, often having had great female mentors themselves.

4. Creative realism

“Today, it's about authenticity, and that doesn't mean mushy kindness...” Dawn Hudson, CMO, NFL

Although there’s no lack of creativity emanating from powerful women, often that creativity is tempered with an authentic realism that refuses to have bells and whistles without ushering in a gritty campaign. While taking risks and hitting the high notes you can be sure that a women-driven strategy also has a full orchestra with a sustainable vision being taken along on the campaign journey.

5. Authentic development

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Diane Mariechild, Author

Women in marketing are creating accessible products while innovating new ways of ushering in authentic development. In addition to this, self-made women are generally engaged in open communication with all members of their tribe – including clients, customers and colleagues.

Using creative, sustainable ways of thinking, women in marketing are making a difference. We look forward to continuing our authentic dialogue within our circles of influence, helping to change the lives of those around us.

About Sheila McGillivray

Sheila McGillivray's knowledge of the advertising industry spans four decades. Sheila's energy, enthusiasm and passion for her work has grown with every new position and challenge. Her experience in the industry is exceeded only by her willingness to keep learning and innovating.

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