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Arc Interactive successfully concludes its 2019 Take a Girl Child to Work Day Workshops

Digital marketing agency Arc Interactive (ARC) is proud to have hosted six female learners in Grades 10 to 12 from Minerva Secondary School and Sandringham High School, for the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day® 2019 programme.

ARC hosted the learners over three days for personal and professional skills development workshops at their Sandton based offices, with the first session on 30 May and the final one on 4 September. The course comprised of three workshops and three learners from each school were invited to attend.

Over the course of these three days, the ARC team provided the girls with advice, information and guidance on a variety of topics - including career choices, preparing for the world of work, as well as setting and achieving personal and professional goals. They also introduced them to useful resources such as links to bursaries, internships and free study material. Moreover, the girls discovered the diverse world of career paths they may want to embark on, and were taught how to create a satisfactory CV.

On the first day of the workshop, the learners were introduced to the various departments and job descriptions within Arc Interactive. New Business Manager, Zanthé Martinuzzi, took them through a rundown of the inner workings of a digital marketing agency, where they got to see how each department functions to provide various digital services to clients. Next, the learners had to map out their goals and dreams, and create their vision board. They were also introduced to CellCgirl and its features, articles and tools. The day concluded with the girls receiving an informative talk from Arc Interactive’s founding and managing partner, Luke Goller.

The second day of the workshop held on 30 July was themed “Who Am I” and featured an activity where the girls had to describe themselves and their ideal selves. They were taken through what vision and mission statements are, then tasked to come up with their own. They also had to create a vision board and present it to their peers, as well as a Personal SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis. Next, they took a subject choice quiz, after which the ARC team shared some advice on subject choices in school. The last portion of activities was the CellCgirl Career Interest Test and discussions around career choices.

The third and final day of the workshop was held on 4 September and was aimed at helping the learners empower themselves. The day began with an ice breaker game that entailed them having to move through the different departments at Arc. They then learnt about the different types on networking (online and offline) and tried them out firsthand in some practice scenarios. Next, the girls created their CV using the CellCgirl CV creator and learnt about the free tools available to them on the site such as the downloadable study material, past papers and more. Finally, the girls did some job shadowing around the ARC office in the various departments including design, content, marketing and development.

Seetha Naidoo, Principal at Sandringham High School, had this to say about Arc Interactive’s collaboration with the school: “Sandringham High is grateful to Arc for embarking on the TAGCTWD programme and including our girls. It has been a memorable and empowering experience equipping our girls with lifelong skills and values, that they otherwise may not have been exposed to. We look forward to ongoing participation in this programme.”

Mr BT Johnson deputy principal had this to say about the collaboration with Arc Interactive: "It is an honour and a privilege to be selected as a 'Cell C Take A Girl Child To Work' beneficiary school. The growth of the project from a work exposure initiative to a learner inspiring, discovery and motivation platform that has placed our three Girl learners on the runway to success has positively impacted not only the girls but the institution as a whole. The relationship has resulted in the initiation of a Public Private Partnership between Minerva Secondary School and Arc Interactive." Arc Interactive is looking forward to extending a partnership with Minerva far beyond the programme.

“The Cell C Take A Girl Child To Work Day® campaign is a good initiative as it empowers young girls to reach their career goals. It also ensures that girls understand their potential and are given real insight into a range of careers. Real life work experience can play a role in helping young learners choose their career paths,” added Ms Nkosi, business studies and life orientation teacher from Minerva Secondary School.

For the last 17 years, Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work Day® has had a proven and profound impact on the lives of millions of girls. By giving them three days of exposure to and experience in the working world, these bright young girls become empowered and ready to enter the work environment confidently.

The staff and management at Arc Interactive felt this initiative to be close to their hearts. In addition to the benefits they were providing in the girls’ lives, the workshops gave the ARC team a chance to meet with some of the young girls who they reach through their work with CellCgirl.

“With everything going on in the world, especially with women being more at risk, we understand that female empowerment is imperative. We’re so glad to be part of an initiative that aims to see all young SA girls become economically free women. We are 100% behind Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work Day® and CellCgirl, not just as an agency but as an organisation that also wants to do better and see girls become whoever they want to be” – Luke Goller, Managing Partner at Arc Interactive.

“We’ve always been pro-female empowerment so being one of the organisations that takes part in the Cell C Take a Girl Child to Work Day® programme was such a natural thing for us to do. To have been part of the process, in terms of creating the workshops, has been a bonus and we feel so privileged to be part of such an impactful and necessary initiative.” – Julia Goller, Managing Partner at Arc Interactive.

Arc Interactive would also like to extend their gratitude for the efforts and collaboration of Sandringham High School and Minerva Secondary School, with special thanks to Mr Johnson, Mrs Naidoo, Ms Mdlalose and Ms Nkosi.

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