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Flux Trends to host new Tribes session

On 23 June 2021, Flux Trends will host their post-pandemic Tribes series.

Psychologists say that it takes us just 21 days to adapt to or embrace a new habit. If that’s the case, then a year of lockdown has cemented new behavioural patterns in almost all of us.

In the midst of the global lockdown, the Financial Times observed that “Many companies have little choice but to begin some revamping of their business models: The pandemic has made sure that either their customers are no longer where they were or have no need of what they are selling.”

As we cautiously emerge into a post-pandemic world (at Flux we call it The Great Staggering), business owners will have to reassess, reframe and reimagine their business models.

About Tribes

To assist that process, Flux Trends is launching a new edition of our popular Tribes series that looks at new tribes that were spawned during the pandemic, with special attention given to post-pandemic youth tribes.

The ‘Class of 2020’ is a broad description of a youth demographic whose lives were altered and derailed by the pandemic. These could be young people who were transitioning from secondary to tertiary education or undergraduates who were meant to finish their studies and embark on a working career. Either way, the opportunities lost, the absence of crucial social interactions and the devastating economic impact on these young lives will leave a deep impression during these formative years, which will shape their outlook and future mindset.

Our post-pandemic Tribes edition also aims to assist retailers and business owners understand the fundamental shift in consumer behaviour which will directly influence their businesses.

The new tribes you will meet

  • Life interrupted: a new wave of young adults forced to “boomerang” (living back with their parents)
  • The hustlers: young entrepreneurs who delve into new areas of business like virtual fashion design, eco product development and ‘white label’ e-commerce.
  • K.O.L.s (Key opinion leaders) or activist influencers who champion causes like climate change and clean energy rather than promote retail brands.
  • Pet parents: the global spike in pet adoption during lockdown adds exponential growth to the already booming pet industry, which will have a ripple effect for the next decade.
  • The patriots – citizens fed up with a lack of service delivery who take over municipal roles.
  • The isolationists: post-lockdown tribe members who embrace solitude rather than confront ‘re-entry anxiety’.

Who should attend?

  • Any business owner who has felt the seismic shift of the pandemic impact their business model and feels an urgent need to keep up with the velocity of change.
  • Any B2C business leader who needs to understand the altered consumer mindset and the importance of defining these tribes, in order to engage with them, meaningfully.
  • Anyone who is busy formulating a new business or marketing strategy catering to a niche audience.
  • Anyone who works in brand management, retail marketing, media and the service industries.
Find event details and book your tickets here.

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