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AI can help doctors with coronavirus

Envisionit Deep AI have launched an online version of Radify, their AI solution for radiologists and medical doctors. Radify, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, has been offered free of charge to support hospitals, doctors and any other public and private organisation using X-ray in the identification and treatment of Covid-19 pneumonia.
Radify was primarily developed to enable radiologists to diagnose more images, more consistently and in less time - whilst prioritising care for people who need it most. One of the biggest challenges facing primary healthcare in South Africa, even before Covid-19, was that they were under-resourced and overused. The first line of investigation for pneumonia, and likewise Covid pneumonia, is an X-ray to pick up suspicious features that can be prioritised for further testing.

The volume of X-rays, CT scans and MRI’s generated have always outpaced the number of qualified Radiologists on hand to diagnose and generate patient reporting, creating bottlenecks in the system, often unintentionally leaving urgent cases in the queue for hours on end. Radify is capable of labelling 20 different pathologies on X-rays at a rate of 2,000 x-rays per minute, which is 2,000 times faster than a human being!

The chest X-Ray is the first line of investigation for Covid pneumonia because it's the most readily available, quick and cost-effective imaging tool for the diagnosis of pneumonia - the number one killer of patients with Covid-19. With the impending demand for testing, known shortage of specialists and the costs associated, it’s vital for healthcare to streamline this process.

Radify can assist healthcare facilities to detect possible Covid-19 pneumonia cases in order of high, intermediate and low probability.

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