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KZN farmers, landowners elated after another ruling against fracking

Following a recent ruling against the South African Agency for Promotion of Petroleum and Exploitation (PASA), The Minister of Mineral Resources and Rhino Oil and Gas Exploration South Africa (Pty) Ltd on an application for exploration rights on more than 800,000ha in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, farmers and landowners in the province are celebrating another fracking ruling victory, this time in the Midlands region.
Ruling against fracking a victory for KZN farmers

A Western Cape High Court judgement ruled against an application for exploration rights in Northern KZN. Fracking is considered to be one of the single biggest agricultural, socio-economic and environmental threats facing SA...

5 May 2017

On 19 May 2017, the Pretoria High Court issued a court order interdicting the Minister of Mineral Resources from issuing mining exploration rights to Rhino Oil & Gas Exploration (Pty) Ltd.

“Whilst this is an interim interdict which will only be made final once the merits of the application are argued, it remains another victory for our farmers,” said Sandy La Marque, CEO of Kwanalu.

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The threat of mineral and gas exploration first became a reality for KZN farmer in late 2015, when Rhino Oil and Gas submitted their Notice of Application for exploration in the Midlands area of KZN. In 2016, a second application was submitted for exploration in Northern KZN. Both applications covered a total area of more than 1,600,000ha and in excess of 15,000 farms.

“We know that there is still a long road ahead in dealing with the matter but we are elated with both rulings. The impact and outcomes of gas and mineral exploration will have much larger and longer-lasting consequences - not only for the agricultural sector but all those living in our province, “ said La Marque.

“Agriculture is here to stay and seeks to provide safe food for our people and sustainable employment,” she said.
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