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Why your business needs a CRM system

Building, nurturing, and maintaining customer relationships the simple way
Why your business needs a CRM system

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process of strategically managing customer relationships and nurturing them, using recorded data associated with them. CRM is used not only to manage leads, but to maintain your existing business relationships as well.

What is a CRM system used for?

A CRM system acts (amongst many other things) as a cloud-based database that can be used to provide transparency between teams. It can also be used internally to keep track of important information between teams, provide transparency on leads or existing customers, improve internal communication without the need for tedious constant updates, make notes on suppliers and more. It is a multi-faceted tool that can be used for multiple purposes.

CRM system benefits

The most effective customer relationship management is done using a CRM system like Leadtrekker.

Leadtrekker helps teams and organisations with:

  • streamlining processes
  • building customer relationships
  • increasing sales
  • improving customer service
  • increasing profitability

Some Features of Leadtrekker

Secure, cloud-based platform

Leadtrekker offers a safe platform that can be customised with specific permissions between teams or individual users. It acts as a secure database for all information that it automatically captures, as well as any information added manually by users.

Easy website Integration

Leadtrekker can be easily integrated with websites and landing pages, making it quick to get started. Once a demo has been done, Leadtrekker can be easily integrated by your team or by the expert Leadtrekker team, depending on your requirements. Training is then offered to ensure that all users can benefit from Leadtrekker’s features effectively.

Efficient activity management

Leadtrekker has features that include reminders, automatic responses, automatic assignment, notifications and more. Each of these features is designed to ensure that leads are never forgotten or falling through the cracks.

Why you should have a customer relationship management system

Leadtrekker will provide convenience and enhance productivity in multiple ways. The CRM software will allow teams to work from anywhere, using real-time information. CRM software will also allow your team to:

  • Keep up with lead flow
  • Constantly stay in touch with customer data on a user-friendly platform
  • Monitor the productivity of your sales team
  • Improve customer service
  • Nurture leads constantly
  • Provide accurate and valuable reporting
  • Track ROI on marketing campaigns and improve them using the data collected
  • Much, much more

Leadtrekker is a CRM system with multiple functionalities that will give your team the tools it needs for brilliant communication to your prospects and teammates. Leadtrekker is a simple CRM solution that helps South African businesses close more deals.

Try Leadtrekker today, absolutely free!

Start your 10-lead free trial of this CRM system specifically built for the South African business and learn how simple it is.

Alternatively, speak to one of our lead management and CRM experts to book your demo and we can show you all of the wonders of Leadtrekker and how you can use it in your business; no matter the size or the industry.

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