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#Newsmaker: Nosipho Ginindza, SPC's new managing director

Nosipho Ginindza, recently appointed managing director of SoulProviders Collective (SPC), spoke to us about her new appointment and plans for the future.
Nosipho Ginindza, MD of SPC
Nosipho Ginindza, MD of SPC

With a career spanning over 16 years in different industries, Ginindza has experience ranging from lecturing to digital. Having joined SPC in 2011, Ginindza has said that it has been an exciting journey that has culminated in her appointment as MD...

Bizcommunity Congratulations on your new appointment! How are you feeling about it?

Thank you very much - I’m still getting used to it all. To be honest, I’m excited and absolutely looking forward to the new challenges for both myself and the agency.

Bizcommunity What will your new role entail?

My new role in the business will see me focusing on growing the business and solidifying our positioning as an IMC agency. I will also move our direction into driving more purpose-led work with our clients and partners alike.

I’d really like for our work to make an impact in the lives of consumers but also to help our clients make an impact in the lives of their consumers.

Bizcommunity What do you love most about your work and your industry?

I love being able to craft campaigns that can speak to a mass audience - but more especially, campaigns that encourage and drive social behaviour change. As marketers, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to create messaging that can make a positive impact on society. What’s not to love about our industry?

Bizcommunity Tell us about some of your biggest career highlights.

One particular career highlight for me that stands out was being invited as a speaker to the 2018 International Social and Behaviour Change Communication Summit in Bali with our former client The Centre For Communication Impact (CCI). Our campaign for platforms like Brothers For Life was identified as the perfect case study on ‘how-to’ craft content for social behaviour change and how that messaging made a difference in the lives of our target audience.

Bizcommunity What impact would you like to make in the industry, especially now that you are in this new role?

The impact we’d like to make in the industry is really our focus on conscious content. I really would love the work we do to make a difference.

Bizcommunity What is essential for brands and agencies to stay relevant in the digital landscape, in your opinion?

The most important thing is for both brands and agencies to be authentic in the work that they put out. Gone are the days when one would merely just do a campaign for the sake of it.

The pandemic has highlighted the need for brands to start wanting to make more of an impact and to drive messaging that is genuine and relatable.

Bizcommunity What is meant by ‘creative solutions’, when talking about branding and marketing now?

In the context of branding and marketing, I see it as using the creativity we develop to untangle the problem presented, finding an unknown solution to it (ideation) and then considering different ways to implement the solution.

Bizcommunity Can we expect any new moves or projects from SPC in the near future?

There are a few exciting projects in the pipeline we are currently finalising and which we will announce when everything is confirmed. We’re also looking at doing work with companies in the rest of the continent through some of Matrix Group affiliates based in East and West Africa - but it’s still early days.

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