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Google's new 'My Storytime' platform helps families stay in touch

Google has launched a new platform called My Storytime, which aims to keep families in touch with pre-recorded audio via Google Assistant.
Google's new 'My Storytime' platform helps families stay in touch

According to the company, the tool allows users to create and share audio recordings, such as bedtime stories, that others can playback using Google Nest.

“All your recordings are saved securely on the cloud. Only you and those you share them with will be able to access them,” Google explained on My Storytime’s website.

Once a story is uploaded onto the platform, users can ask the Assistant to play them by saying “Hey Google, talk to My Storytime”.

Essentially, My Storytime gives families a platform to stay in touch when they can’t in real-time.

Additionally, Google Assistant now features the ability to read out the news and buy movie tickets for users in the United States.

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