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#NewBiz: Clay Creative wins City & Guilds

New agency kid on the block, Clay Creative recently won the City & Guilds pitch for their international digital account with the agency's soon-to-be-launched #FutureFit concept.
Tiffany Fernandes, Helen Aadnesgaard, Caitlin Aadnesgaard and Ashley Bam.

Co-founder and creative head Caitlin Aadnesgaard says, “We looked at the international education landscape and saw all the major players were taking the same approach that they were 10 years ago.

Aadnesgaard goes on to explain that students have fears that their qualifications won't be relevant in 10 years’ time. The same goes for employers who are seeing star teams fumble when the market shifts to a more modern era, and are seeking solutions with longevity.
Being future fit means you rise with the tide and have all the tools you need to succeed today and tomorrow.
“Our concept for 2019 goes beyond a creative filter, it informs a business strategy and speaks to the mindset of our consumers,” says co-founder and account manager Ashley Bam.

With a presence in Africa, South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the Pacific, City & Guilds has a near-impossible task of staying locally relevant across a diverse range of cultures, languages and audiences. This is a common challenge for global brands, as consumers in India won’t respond to the same message that resonates with stakeholders in South Africa. Clay Creative has a substantial job ahead of them and their success could stand as a new benchmark of best practice.

When asked about the strategy going forward, lead strategist Tiffany Fernandes says, “We’re not limiting ourselves to previous ways of thinking. We plan to test our ideas before we implement them across the board so that we’re servicing our target markets effectively.”

“We’re not making assumptions at this point. We’d rather do work that works,” concludes head copywriter Helen Aadnesgaard.
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