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A comparison of Google and Facebook ads auction platform (Infographic)

Most of us digital marketers are no strangers to Google adwords. This proven way of generating new customers has been around since 2000. Needless to say, the auction platform that Larry Page came out with is now a mature system used by advertisers worldwide.

On the other hand, Facebook auctions has bewildered many advertisers to date. It looks similar to Google adwords on the surface, but the actual execution of campaign proves otherwise. Since its conception, Facebook ads platform has undergone numerous changes and remains a mystery for most advertisers. Yet, there are those that have cracked the code to Facebook ads and making huge bucks from it. Here, we start from the basics and attempt to understand each piece of the Facebook ads auction by juxtaposing it with Google adwords auction.

A comparison of Google and Facebook ads auction platform
Courtesy of: Icecube Marketing

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