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MSC Cruises' launches 'moments' TV campaign

MSC Cruises is launching a new TV advertising campaign based on a series of moments. Both unexpected and spontaneous, they are inspired by the company's unique Mediterranean spirit and way of life.
Based on a creative concept by advertising agency Leagas Delaney London and directed by Peggy Sirota from PRETTYBIRD, the commercial is crafted to reveal a series of moments that set out MSC Cruises' belief that life shouldn't be measured by the minutes we experience, but by the moments we enjoy.

Shot entirely on board flagship MSC Splendida in September 2012, the campaign follows a day on board an MSC cruise with a focus on four of the company's key values - discovery, the art of eating, the value of time and sociability.

The first scene opens in the late morning light with a couple dozing under crisp, white sheets in a huge, soft bed. Their two children appear and playfully jump on the bed, revealing the joy of a prolonged morning in bed and the pure freedom of enjoying life with your family, however you prefer.

The ship then arrives at a gorgeous Mediterranean port. A grandfather shows his grandson the view from the sea, enhanced by the golden sunrise. An officer passes by and lends his binoculars to the boy so that he can discover the land they're approaching.

Stolen moments ashore also capture the spirit of exploration as a wide-eyed little boy is drawn to a pastry shop window, attracted by the delicious freshly-made pastries inside.

The final scene takes place at night, as a group of friends enjoy themselves on deck after dinner. They take an impromptu jump in the pool, reinforcing the carefree Mediterranean spirit and joie de vivre with a spontaneous midnight swim.

The campaign aims to convey the enthusiasm, energy and informality that are only found as part of the MSC Cruises experience, while the passion and vibrancy of the Mediterranean can be felt through the bright colours from the sun and sea, the warm lighting, the fresh produce and the people.

"MSC Cruises was born in the Mediterranean and these roots continue to inspire every journey we make," said MSC Cruises chief marketing officer, Luca Catzola. "The new campaign captures the very essence of this unique spirit, showing how every last detail of the MSC experience has been designed to reflect the region's authenticity, warmth and humanity. From traditional Mediterranean hospitality, to the reminder that good food is a way of life and that following your heart is just as important as following your head, this campaign truly captures our Mediterranean way of life."

The new commercial was launched in MSC Cruises' main European markets on 20 January 2013.
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