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Cannes Lions Content Feature

Cannes About Town: Grand Prix

Today we select the Mobile Cannes Lions Grand Prix. It's going to be a long day and night as the jury has to reach a consensus before we leave the room.

I’m considering taking my toothbrush with me because the two jurors I’ve spoken to from other categories didn’t agree until 2:30am. Due to the magnitude of the decision we’re about to make, I’m looking forward to the differences of opinion, arguments, heated debate and maybe even a slammed door or two. It’s human nature to have a favourite and I’m curious to see how mine will fare today.

Cannes About Town: Grand Prix
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Each mobile juror has been selected by the Cannes Lions for their industry knowledge, expertise and experience. We have design and interface specialists, creative technologists, media publishers and digital strategists on the jury. All leaders in their field, all with their own vision of what an exceptional piece of work looks like, here is mine:

It provides a service

The work will go beyond devising a solution to a marketing problem, it must provide a service to people that they cannot produce themselves. This requires a deep level of understanding of the cultural and social connections in communities and looks for the gaps in between. This is the moment when the work is so ubiquitous customers use it in conversation and the brand name becomes a verb.

It changes behaviour

Great work should deliver an experience so impactful that it will change behaviour not only online, but offline too. That it will transcend the small screen or connected device and provoke a response in the intended audience that is so strong it will enable human beings to live a better life.

I have seen work like this in our shortlist, it has had an emotional effect on me that has challenged my perceptions and inspired my thinking. I don’t care how long we sit there this evening because I will fight for this piece to be recognised and to be awarded. I feel we’re about to make history, because whatever we choose tonight, the work will be iconic, referenced for years to come and it will define the future of mobile.

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Carpenter judged the 2016 Mobile Lions, which recognise device-driven creativity...

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