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    EXCLUSIVE: What the deal is with Geometry Cape Town and VMLY&R SA

    Matthew van der Valk, executive creative director at Geometry, shares why some members of the Cape Town team have joined VMLY&R South Africa.
    Matthew van der Valk, executive creative director at Geometry
    Matthew van der Valk, executive creative director at Geometry

    BizcommunityCan you tell us how this integration between Geometry Cape Town and VMLY&R SA came about?

    The integration between the teams was part of a Global WPP decision that would see the merging of the complementary skill sets that the two companies have. For us, this is simply an opportunity to unlock the next stage of evolution in omnichannel brand ecosystems.

    BizcommunityWhat was the reason for this?

    Globally, WPP has recognised that the two companies already have confluences that can be used to amplify existing collaborations on brands within each of the companies’ stables. Notably, we have been collaborating for the past year on British American Tobacco to innovate in the category and bring safer alternatives to market.

    BizcommunityIf I'm correct, this forms part of the expansion of VMLY&R’s service offering. What will Geometry Cape Town be contributing?

    Correct. The Geometry team will bring extensive experience in regulated industries as well as full marketing mix solutioning. A key part of this will be strengthening the trade offering, as well as bringing in more below-the-line experience, strengthening the existing commerce offering and developing effective business growth drivers.

    BizcommunityI believe 35 team members will be integrating into VMLY&R. What does this mean for the organisational structure of Geometry Cape Town?

    Essentially it means a bigger team, but the same dream. In terms of the structure, VMLY&R has been growing exponentially over the last year so the additional hands and minds couldn’t have come at a better time for VMLY&R. We are also able to “make the circle bigger” since each of the individuals within the now bigger team holds their own portfolios and responsibilities.

    BizcommunitySo is the whole of Geometry moving to VMLY&R?

    No. Thirty-five staff members are coming across and the rest of the business remains where it is.

    BizcommunityWill VMLY&R be involved in any way with Geometry Cape Town?

    Geometry Cape Town essentially becomes part of the integrated VMLY&R team. The integration means that together we are re-tooled to service both the current and future needs of consumers. Among other things, this means turning brands into experiences, design into demand, innovation into products and retail into immersion.

    BizcommunityDoes this mean that there's a shift in the strategy?

    Rather than a shift in strategy, it is an acceleration in strategy where we find ourselves with greater capacity to drive our goals forward and develop new creative solutions to help businesses, their people and their brands grow in challenging times.

    Bizcommunity Could you share any plans of projects that Geometry Cape Town will be involved in under the VMLY&R brand?

    Expanding on this new skillset and thought leadership that Geometry brings to VMLY&R, a first step will be information sessions with key clients. The aim is to empower clients with new perspectives to solve challenging business problems in a more integrated way.

    Essentially, we have the opportunity to look at all our clients and the gaps that they are experiencing across their businesses and produce more integrated solutions that are people forward and drive growth end-to-end.

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