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Bizcommunity's festive thank you to the SA business community

Since March 2020 when Covid-19 first turned business on its head, Bizcommunity has been the place where virtual business gets done, fully set up to seamlessly steer your business communications through the challenges of lockdowns, meltdowns and new remote working norms.
Bizcommunity's festive thank you to the SA business community

And through it all we have been proud and heartened by the resourcefulness, proactivity and creativity shown by stakeholders at every level of South Africa's amazing business communities.

Your purposeful thought-leadership, crowd-sourced collaborations and all-round Keep Calm and Carry On attitudes have set global benchmark examples across every sector of the economy.

Which is why we've made this video to acknowledge that:

"We see you, we salute you, we thank you,

for giving it your all

and making a difference

big or small.

Your light and your leadership

light up our community.

The end of 2020 is almost in sight.

At Biz all will be business as usual throughout December, but there are a few important dates you might want to diarise:

14-18 December #BestofBiz Content Feature:

Did your articles, releases or company news make it onto Biz’s most read list of 2020? We neatly tabulate the top most read content of the year across 19 sectors - an ideal holiday read.

Till end December #EvolutionofWork Content Feature:

Upskill on the future of work, with recently curated multi-industry research on topics such as ‘the new normal’, the post-Covid office, inclusivity and productivity. Add your opinion to the narrative at moc.ytinummoczib@swenRH or moc.ytinummoczib@selas.

Last submissions of the year: Any submission received will appear on the website, but to appear in industry newsletters before the end of the year, submissions must be sent by:

Last newsletters of 2020: Tuesday, 15 December, 2020

First newsletters of 2021: Monday, 4 January, 2021

BizTrends Special newsletter: Wednesday, 6 January, 2021

BizTrends2021 Event : Thursday, 28 January 2021 11am-2.30pm - register now.

Year End checklist:

  • Diarise and register for BizTrends2021
  • Spring clean your Biz Press Office newsroom or full page BizListing to be visitor ready in 2021
  • Post any new year job vacancies with Recruiter Booster special
  • Freshen up your Biz CV and profile and post for new year action
  • Catch up on Best of Biz most read of the year
  • Search key words on Biz to find like-minded people and prospects
  • Plan a 2021 content strategy and contact us before end December to claim great discounts

Sending out love and blessings

For a meaningful, healthy, hopeful and connected festive season

One and all.
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