#Loeries2020: The business of belonging and how inclusivity can evolve a brand (part one)

During Loeries Creative Week, Jess Weiner, CEO of Talk to Jess in the US talked to the power of inclusivity and of belonging in the work that we do, both in the creative industry and in our work environment...

By Jessica Tennant 18 Nov 2020

#EvolutionofWork: Most big business to permanently adopt hybrid work-style

Almost nine out of 10 leaders (88%) at large enterprises in South Africa expect they will adopt a more hybrid way of working permanently. This is according to Microsoft's newly launched Work Reworked research conducted together with Boston Consulting Group, KRC Research and Dr Michael Parke of the Wharton School. The study found that flexible ways of working are here to stay with many leaders focused on driving a culture of innovation.

13 Nov 2020

#EvolutionofWork: Does working long hours boost economic performance?

Last year, Microsoft trialled a four-day work week, resulting in a 40% boost in productivity, suggesting that perhaps it isn't necessary for employees to be putting their life and soul into their job when the same amount of work can be done in a considerably shorter amount of time...

By Lucy Desai 10 Nov 2020

#EvolutionofWork: Covid-19 has driven digital work technology adoption forward by nearly 5 years

As part of our #EvolutionofWork content feature, Boomtown's all-female digital department shares what the future of work looks like from their point of view and how they're navigating the 'new normal' in the aftermath of Covid-19...

By Jessica Tennant 9 Nov 2020

#EvolutionofWork: Building an attractive employer brand for the post-Covid-19 world

Providing one standard employee value proposition (EVP) offering has shifted in our new world, as talent no longer just accepts what is offered to them. This was one of the insights offered by Dr Cecile Benade at the Momentum Metropolitan webinar, hosted by Employer Branding SA on Wednesday, 28 October 2020...

6 Nov 2020

#EvolutionofWork: Retirement fund auto-enrollment promise light on detail

The South African government is planning on making auto-enrollment a provision for "all employed workers" as part of the broader social security and retirement reforms...

5 Nov 2020

Bizcommunity and NSP Consultants congratulate BizListing winners!

Congratulations to the SME companies who have won full-page BizListing entries in Bizcommunity's business directory...

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 26 Oct 2020

#SUSASummit: "The future of work is remote" - Molly Pyle

These are the highlights of Molly Pyle's talk at the SingularityU South Africa 2020 Summit...

26 Oct 2020

Remote-work visas will shape the future of work, travel and citizenship

Smaller countries have been competing for tourists for years. New remote work visas suggest they are now competing for citizens...

By Dave Cook 7 Sep 2020

Merging tech with employee wellbeing

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has been a catalyst for change. As social distancing becomes the new normal, entire workforces have needed to connect as well as collaborate remotely.

By Terence Moolman 4 May 2020

4 ways to build resilience during trying times

Entrepreneurial businesses both small and medium have been particularly hard hit in these challenging times, and many are now facing an existential threat. However, there are ways to rethink their business models and adapt to a world which is unlikely to return to its old habits...

17 Apr 2020

The influence of Covid-19 on SA's work environment

In the last week prior to and during the lockdown, the number of people working from home increased, while some were sent home on unpaid leave. This has distinguished companies that have started adapting to the 4IR through proper systems from those that haven't adapted at all...

By Nomihlali Ntsunguzi 16 Apr 2020

Innovation and creativity in the time of Covid-19: Alternative ways of thinking and doing

It's a strange reality, and while all concerns are valid, our best defence currently is to harness the value of innovation and creativity. That's the sentiment of Shaune Jordaan, CEO of Hoorah Digital, who believes we need to embrace these tumultuous times as an opportunity to create, to innovate and reinvent ourselves...

By Shaune Jordaan 26 Mar 2020

How safe is your brand in the hands of a remote workforce?

Having invested significantly into their brands for years, companies need to put the best interests of their employees and customers at heart but not at the detriment of their brands...

By Paula Sartini 23 Mar 2020

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