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South African policies go some way to tackling poverty and inequality. But more is needed

South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world. More than 50% of the population live in poverty...

By Sophie Plagerson 15 Jan 2021

Embrace the 'inclusion revolution'

Given that 70% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that are inclusive, marketers are embracing the "inclusion revolution" by means of ad campaigns, social content and CSI initiatives...

By Nicky Brand 14 Jan 2021

Why women mentoring women is critical for empowering underprivileged girls in Africa

The well-known Africa proverb goes, "If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation." This is further substantiated by the fact that...

By Regina Honu 5 Jan 2021

Why human rights institutions could be the key to protection of refugee rights

In her doctoral thesis, Dr Vivian John-Langba identified national human rights institutions as one of the institutions through which effective promotion and protection of refugee rights can occur...

23 Dec 2020

Green Business Support Services Directory offers support to green entrepreneurs and SMMEs

Marielle Hurter, the water sector analyst of GreenCape, explains the purpose of the Green Business Support Services Directory as well as the types of support that can be found there...

Issued by GreenCape 21 Dec 2020

Covid-19 pandemic: How UbuntuCare is helping women in impoverished areas earn an income

Thanks to non-profit initiative UbuntuCare, more than 300,000 cloth masks have been distributed to vulnerable communities throughout the Western Cape...

18 Dec 2020

Global Citizen Prize 2020 honours people shaping the 'World We Want'

International advocacy organisation Global Citizen has announced the winners of the 2020 Global Citizen Prize...

Issued by OnPoint PR 17 Dec 2020

2020: A year of pain - and possibility

As the year draws to its long-awaited end, now is the time to find common ground and embrace hope for the future...

By Amy Pieterse, Issued by Ginkgo Agency 14 Dec 2020

#BestofBiz 2020: CSI & Sustainability

Discover the most read content on Bizcommunity's CSI & Sustainability site over the past year...

14 Dec 2020

Covid-19 is stifling NGO efforts to promote gender equality when it's most needed

Covid-19 has presented an opportunity to increase gender equality both in Canada and worldwide. Rebuilding with women at the forefront will help communities succeed post-pandemic.

By Andrea Paras 11 Dec 2020

Human rights should be central to the extractive industry's Covid-19 recovery plans

The year 2020 has seen many sectors being confronted with unprecedented challenges that forced businesses to reflect on their corporate strategies in response to Covid-19 pandemic...

10 Dec 2020

Can roots tourism build social justice? A case study of travellers to Ghana provides insights

It is a good time to ask how the travel and tourism industry has contributed to racism and how that can change...

By Alana Dillette 2 Dec 2020

Relief for asylum seekers following Scalabrini judgment

Home Affairs has been interdicted from implementing certain provisions of the Refugees Act and new Regulations (both implemented on 1 January 2020), which sought to return asylum seekers back to their home country where they could face detention without trial, rape, torture, or death, merely because he or she was a month late in renewing a visa...

2 Dec 2020

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