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SAIBPP launches Women's Forum, webinar addresses equity, access, assets

Earlier this month, the South African Institute for Black Property Practitioners (SAIBPP) launched its Women's Forum with a live virtual event...

11 hours ago

South Africa's land reform policies need to embrace social, economic and ecological sustainability

South Africa's that current land reform strategies focus too narrowly on agricultural outcomes and transferred ownership - this undermines equitable and sustainable land reform...

23 Sep 2020

FAO launches Green Cities Initiative to help transform agri-food systems

Turning the recovery from Covid-19 into an opportunity for cities to become more sustainable, resilient, and provide access to healthy foods for all...

23 Sep 2020

Gender-responsive budgeting as a response to widening gender inequality

Gender equality has been a burning issue for some time, with little tangible progress made. In response to growing demands for justice, organisations have become vocal in advocating against, and raising awareness around, social challenges that oppress women...

By Keketso Kgomosotho 23 Sep 2020

Converse strengthens commitment to youth mentorship and empowerment

Converse is expanding its All Stars youth mentorship programme by opening it to the public for the first time, with the aim to incorporate a more grassroots approach to supporting youth action...

23 Sep 2020

MTN transformation programme turns employees into store owners

Four MTN employees have become BBBEE owner-operators of 14 stores across Johannesburg and KwaZulu-Natal...

22 Sep 2020

We are still a nation at war with ourselves, even if we don't like to admit it

Ian Fuhr, founder of The Hatch Institute writes that as a nation (and as businesses) we still skirt around the issues of systemic racism, and the result is internal business issues that spill out into communities through poorly conceived advertising, job descriptions, messaging and even customer service...

By Ian Fuhr 22 Sep 2020

International Equal Pay Day, the most ludicrous day of all

Friday, 18 September, is International Equal Pay Day, the most ludicrous day on the global calendar. How can it be that in the year 2020 some people continue to earn more because of their gender or race?

By Onyi Nwaneri 18 Sep 2020

Shaking the foundations: Time to change the structure of our cities

It's easy to fall into the doom-and-gloom trap of how the current pandemic will forever change the face of cities...

By Patrick McInerney, Christoph Malan, Catharine Atkins and Malika Walele 18 Sep 2020

Doing good business is good for business

Sustainability has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years and for good reason. From best practise and sustainability within the workplace to multinational manufacturers going green, the increasing importance of it is all around us...

Issued by Topco Media 17 Sep 2020

Tribute to George Bizos: Reflections on the fall of those on whose shoulders we stand

As an activator who has had the privilege of working with many young activists across the country, I can attest to the fact that the legacies of the veterans are our fuel to keep choosing to fight, in Bizos' words, "If need be"...

By Kay-Dee Mashile 14 Sep 2020

Pinnacle, HP partner to provide accessible technology, education

As long-term partner of HP Inc (HPI), leading ICT distribution company Pinnacle plays a vital role in the roll out of the HPI Education offering to the South African education sector...

Issued by HP Pinnacle 14 Sep 2020

Achieving social change in South Africa during the 'great reset'

Futurists and market researchers are calling this pandemic the 'great reset' of our society and an opportunity to reimagine a different world...

By Ashley Roman 3 Sep 2020

Victory for housing activists in landmark Tafelberg case

Judges Patrick Gamble and Monde Samela have ruled in favour of housing activists in the landmark Tafelberg case...

By James Stent 1 Sep 2020

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