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#BizTrends2020: The growth of mass market digital content

The growth of mass market digital content. That's the biggest shape-shifting, game-changing trend I am seeing...

By Zibusiso Mkhwanazi 1 day ago

#BizTrends2020: Advertising - What brands need to be aware of in 2020

The belief has always been that 'when the economy is struggling, advertising is the first cost to be cut'. This has proven true in every down cycle even though evidence shows those who invest wisely in tougher times gain market share...

By Jason Stewart 1 day ago

#BizTrends2020: Diversity is creativity

Four of the largest trends influencing the marketing industry, and their predicted impact on South Africa in the coming months...

By Camilla Clerke 23 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Pop culture and its drivers in 2020

When it comes to the youth segment, the drivers of popular culture hinge on their expression of themselves within the Zeitgeist, and are often a rebellion and reaction against the dominant forces trying to shape them...

By Brett Rogers 23 Jan 2020

Afro-disruption: 6 more reasons to attend BizTrendsLIVE!2020

Afro-disruption and Afro-centrism will be trending when Bizcommunity, in association with Ster-Kinekor and Kantar, brings you BizTrendsLIVE!2020, on Thursday, 30 January 2020...

Issued by 22 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Speaking of things yet to come

Tricky as it can be to 'gaze into a crystal ball ', applying one's mind to what might come to pass is still a worthy undertaking. The shape and format of the marketing and advertising sector continues to evolve and as it ebbs and flows, I suspect more than predict that the CMOs existence as a marked person will prevail...

By Sizakele Marutlulle 22 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Consuming media and living the dream

With the greatest anticipation that the African marketing and communication industry will thrive and strengthen in the foreseeable future, it is important to note that the way we as South Africa and the greater continent consumes media will determine the speed at which we progress as a nation in that regard...

By Gee Motsepe 21 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Culture systems, systems culture

It's one thing having the people and the resources to create culturally relevant work, but to be really effective, agencies must build the systems to support them...

By Elouise Kelly 21 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Keep it simple in 2020

M&C Saatchi Abel leaders say now is the time to approach briefs with razor-sharp focus...

By Mike Abel and Makosha Maja-Rasethaba 20 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Creativity's tipping point in business

I'm going to buck the trend and not talk about anything to do with tech or mobile, or the demise of the agency model. I'm also going to be honest and say that what I'm writing about isn't a mainstream trend yet, but it should be...

By Gillian Rightford 20 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: The need to prove that marketing is business™

Right now, intangible brand assets are worth $57.3tn globally. That's more than ever before; it's A LOT of rands...

By Dale Hefer 17 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Machine learning set to burst the bubble of digital marketing

For years digital marketers revelled in the fact that they could accurately measure the return on ad spend. Since everything could be tracked, we could know where our money was being spent and how it was being consumed by our target audiences.

By Andrew Smit 15 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Taking the 20s into the cloud for marketing clout

The last decade was all about the cloud. From 2010 the cloud moved from novelty to the accepted means to deploy infrastructure...

By Johan Walters 15 Jan 2020

Going for growth in 2020: Have you looked towards uncomfortable places?

The choice facing businesses in 2020 is a simple but challenging one: Will you stay in survival mode or go for growth?...

By Ashish Williams, Issued by MediaCom 15 Jan 2020

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