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Why the mining sector is vital to green industry

Back in May 2019, the World Bank launched its Climate-Smart Mining initiative. It was the first fund dedicated to making mining for minerals climate-smart and sustainable...

By Zuneid Yousuf 3 days ago

New study: Solar power tower has less impact on bird populations than expected

After completing the first birdlife-focused study at South Africa's only concentrating solar power tower, HP van Heerden says that it is possible to reduce the impact...

16 Sep 2020

Organisations object to offshore oil and gas drilling

Environmental organisations have called for a stop to all offshore oil and gas drilling, citing the lack of adequate public participation, and the potentially significant impact of drilling on the environment and local communities...

24 Aug 2020

Africa's economic prosperity depends on inclusive energy mix

Energy sustainability is not just an opportunity to transform societies and grow economies, it is also a necessity - a prerequisite to meet Africa's growing energy demand and to reduce the global carbon footprint...

19 Aug 2020

SMEs and economic viability beyond the life of mines

A partnership between Exxaro and the Small Business Institute (SBI) will focus on the functional and economic viability of small towns beyond the life of mines...

20 Jul 2020

Further developments to the carbon tax framework

On 19 June 2020, Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, finalised the next set of regulatory mechanisms applicable to the Carbon Tax Act, 2019 (the Act)...

By Paula-Ann Novotny and Gillian Niven 26 Jun 2020

Towards a sustainable low-carbon future

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken us back to a time where the world didn't have poor air quality and greenhouse gases. As countries worldwide went into lockdown, a noticeable difference in our environment began to emerge.

By Mongezi Veti 25 Jun 2020

Investment titans continue to get serious about ESG

The biggest challenge for multinational mining companies over the next decade will be responding to investors' growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues...

4 Jun 2020

Energy investment opportunities that can drive Sustainable Development Goals

The term 'crisis' is used all too frequently but unfortunately it is often accurate, whether it's the Covid-19 global pandemic affecting us all or socio-economic crises that impact individual countries...

By Alan Sproule 3 Jun 2020

Can UK fossil fuel companies now be held accountable for contributing to climate change overseas?

A ruling by the UK Supreme Court could have huge implications for British companies accused of environmental damage overseas...

By Sam Varvastian 2 Jun 2020

Mpact expands face shield range - adults, kids, hardhat shields and respiratory masks

The safety of our communities is a top priority for us at Mpact. We have further expanded our face shield range and will be launching a respiratory mask during the course of June; ready for the re-opening of the many industries under Level 3 lockdown...

Issued by Mpact Plastics 29 May 2020

The continued threat of coal mining at the Mapungubwe world heritage site

Most developing countries face acute tensions between socio-economic development and environmental protection. Any opposition to proposed development, on environmental or heritage grounds, is seen as a threat to the creation of employment and the growth of the economy...

By Ndukuyakhe Ndlovu 19 May 2020

How should policy support energy transition in a post-Covid Africa?

Regulatory support is one of the key enabling factors for energy transition because it is what stimulates the appetite of the investors coming into the country...

By Nicci Botha 15 May 2020

"New broom" minister Barbara Creecy raises dust

Environment Minister Barbara Creecy's decision to allow vastly expanded West Coast beach mining has prompted sharp criticism from environmentalists...

By John Yeld 9 Apr 2020

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