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Singapore Airlines: One dead, countless injured

Singapore Airlines has confirmed one fatality and countless injuries onboard a flight from London to Singapore due to severe turbulence.
Source: Singapore Airlines.
Source: Singapore Airlines.

The Boeing 777-300ER, which had 211 passengers and 18 crew onboard, diverted to Bangkok where it made an emergency landing.

“We are working with the local authorities in Thailand to provide the necessary medical assistance, and sending a team to Bangkok to provide any additional assistance needed,” Singapore Airlines said in a statement.

“Our priority is to provide all possible assistance to all passengers and crew on board the aircraft.”

In July 2023, seven individuals sustained injuries on a Hawaiian Airlines flight to Sydney, Australia, due to severe turbulence. Additionally, in December 2022, 36 passengers were injured on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Arizona to Honolulu, with 20 individuals requiring emergency room treatment.

A study conducted in September 2022 forecasts a notable rise in clear-air turbulence worldwide between 2050 and 2080, especially along major flight corridors.

Singapore Airlines did not confirm how many passengers were injured.

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