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Burger King discovers a Whopper 6,500 light years away

Burger King® is taking its marketing to astronomical heights with its latest Astro Whopper campaign. The campaign draws inspiration from a flaming hot sun-like star called Gomez's Hamburger, located 6,500 lightyears away in outer space.
Burger King discovers a Whopper 6,500 light years away

Discovered by astronomer Arturo Gomez in 1985, IRAS 18059-3211, also known as Gomez's Hamburger, is a sun-like star resembling a hamburger. The "burger" appears as a disk of dust seen edge-on, obscuring the star, and resulting in a dark band, while the "buns" are created by light reflecting off dust.

Most importantly, with a surface temperature of 10,000 degrees Celsius, you'd think it was almost flame-grilled. So, now Burger King is seizing the opportunity to claim the most incredible thing in the universe. The brand is challenging all burger fans to find Gomez's Hamburger in the sky, claim it, and get a free Whopper on Earth.

To participate in the activation, burger fans use a specially built sky scanner to locate Gomez's Hamburger in the sky. Upon pointing their cameras towards the celestial hamburger's location, participants will unlock a free Whopper®, turning the entire sky into a trial campaign.

Burger King discovers a Whopper 6,500 light years away

Ezelna Jones, marketing executive at Burger King®, said, "We're thrilled to bring a cosmic twist to our classic Whopper®. The discovery of Gomez's Hamburger presents an opportunity to merge astronomy with the love of burgers in a fun and engaging way. The Astro Whopper campaign invites our customers to gaze at the stars with a delicious reward in hand.”

To kick off the campaign, Burger King® launched a mini-documentary featuring the galaxy's discoverer himself, Arturo Gómez, who, after almost 40 years, revealed the answer to one of the universe's biggest mysteries: what kind of burger is the Gomez's Hamburger?

Burger King's Astro Whopper campaign is set to take the fast-food world by storm, delivering an out-of-this-world experience to burger lovers everywhere.

Readers can watch the documentary here:

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