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UBU International is a white label mobile discovery, payments and rewards platform for digital and physical commerce that brings communities to life by enabling growth using traditional business and new technologies.
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UBU International reduces fees to 0% to help small businesses survive lockdown restrictionsThe owners of restaurants, cafés, coffee shops and small businesses across the country are still reeling following the recent announcement that South Africa would adjust its lockdown regulations with a very heavy impact on these businesses. 6 Jul 2021 Read more

UBU International teams up with Paarl Boys' High to support the Back-a-Boishaaier campaignUBU International is proud to be joining forces with Paarl Boys' High School to use the Paarl Boys' High Wallet to help support the Back-a-Boishaaier campaign. 18 May 2021 Read more

Study: The impact of Covid-19 on SA's Bellville businessesAccording to a study conducted by UBU International in Bellville (Cape Town, South Africa), only 15% of business owners and managers interviewed said the South African government's lockdown regulations did not impact their business negatively. 11 Mar 2021 Read more

Hollow performance: How livestreaming can help musicians survive beyond Covid-19The coronavirus pandemic has certainly delivered a crushing blow to the music arena. Almost overnight, a once-thriving industry has been brought to its knees. The enforcement of lockdown regulations and social distancing guidelines has seen almost all live entertainment events being shut down, resulting in billions in lost revenue and leaving many musicians wondering where their next paycheck will come from. 9 Dec 2020 Read more

Van Coke Wallet presents: Francois van Coke Unplugged in Pretoria - powered by UBUFrancois Van Coke has teamed up with UBU International to bring you the Van Coke Wallet mobile app. 26 Nov 2020 Read more

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