Careers24 revamps job portal to give job candidates competitive edge

Careers24, one of South Africa's leading career portals, has launched its revamped job portal promising a more streamlined, efficient way of matching the ideal candidate to a job.
Says Tim Gregory, General Manager of Careers24, "The old website was created in 2005 and underwent incremental changes over the intervening years. With employment trends changing to a more personalised recruitment process, we felt that recruitment technology had moved on and the functionality of the site needed to be updated."

With the unemployment rate making up 24% of the workforce in South Africa, job candidates have turned to online job boards to provide cutting edge service in terms of search functionality and the ability to perfectly match their skill set to the ideal job.

In creating the new platform, Careers24 took this into consideration and introduced superior technology to streamline the process of job hunting.

"It made sense to do a complete overhaul of the platform, to invest in great CV parsing and Search & Match technology and to update the design of the website at the same time." CV Parsing is the system of extracting information from CVs to auto-complete a candidate's profile - for example, details like work history, educational details and skills will be completed automatically, saving the candidate time when registering on the Careers24 website.

Search & Match Technology accurately allows job candidates to match search terms and profiles to the ideal job.

A magician never reveals all his tricks!
Although Gregory is not going to reveal all the juicy details on the website redesign, he comments that they worked closely with a specialist job board software development agency based in the UK to build the new platform, and licensed various components like the CV parsing technology.

While most job sites have to make do with generic search technology, the new Careers24 site deploys highly specialised HR search technology that allows better quality searching and matching than most of the local market.

The enhanced functionality offers a more personalised user experience - candidates are shown job recommendations based on their profile and can easily perform a job-to-job search to find a more suitable role based on an ideal job viewed. Searching for jobs is also easier and faster as candidates can drill down with new filler options to fine-tune their search results. An added benefit is that candidates can search for a job close to where they live.

CV customisation allows candidates to upload different CVs according to different industries and positions applied for, which will help the recruiter to identify the perfect candidate more easily.

A recruiter's dream
In addition to the website changes, Careers24 has reviewed the pricing options allowing for more flexibility - recruiters will now have the luxury of flexible subscription options depending on how long they want to commit for. With the introduction of the new Search & Match Technology, recruiters will benefit from suitable candidate ranking and matching, saving them time when listing a new vacancy. Other new features are candidate-to-candidate suggestions, candidate alerts and an advanced recruiter dashboard to successfully and effectively manage their account, candidates and responses.

The Careers24 team is confident that they have achieved what they set out to do - offer a compelling product when compared to other job boards on the market. The new website offers great service at a very competitive price.

Careers24 is one of South Africa's leading career portals, listing jobs from a selection of recruiters and attracting hundreds of thousands of job candidates on a monthly basis. Careers24 forms part of the Naspers Group which owns companies such as DStv, MWEB and Media24.

Jobs posted on Careers24 are distributed across South Africa's leading internet network,, which reaches over three million South African browsers every month. Our job distribution network includes many of South Africa's top websites - including News24, Sport24 and

25 May 2011 12:55