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DMX specialises in Influencing your customers' behaviour. We use Audio, Visual Stimulation and Scent to help motivate staff, build brands and enhance an unforgettable experience.
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Volvo Cars FMGH creates a unique showroom experience with digital signage
Running a dealership in the same old way is a recipe for stagnation. Today, impressing the potential buyer is about creating an immersive showroom experience worth repeating. Volvo Cars FMGH took the bold step to create a bespoke customer journey with a cutting-edge digital signage solution that puts customers in the driver's seat. 23 Sep 2020 Read more

Baglios' new sound takes customers around the world with every spoonful
Ever walk into a store and suddenly felt your mood change? At least 85% of consumers say music has a positive impact on their shopping experience. The right background music puts customers in the mood to buy. 24 Mar 2020 Read more

Digital signage trends that drive sales
In today's connected world, many retailers are aiming their focus at finding new means of engaging consumers in a way that differentiates brick-and-mortar from e-commerce. One of the most effective ways to drive brand messaging is by introducing a unique digital experience through digital signage. 5 Mar 2020 Read more

Oh My Cake! elevates the in-store experience with digital menu boards
The static backlit menu board is fast becoming a thing of the past. We know that the digital-native customer already interacts with dynamic content on and offline and has come to expect it as a standard in all sales interactions. For Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), replacing the printed menu with a dynamic digital display means remaining competitive in a world where customers want to interact with their environment. 25 Feb 2020 Read more

The MARC goes digital with an LED video wall
As cities grow, so does the demand for optimised urban spaces that speak to evolving mobility and consumer preferences. A statement piece amidst other high-rise buildings, The MARC (Maude and Rivonia Corner) in Sandton continues to challenge the status quo with its innovative design. 1 Oct 2019 Read more

SLOW creates moments in time with music at premium lounges
Increased mobility and growing air passenger traffic has created the demand for premium travel experiences. As consumers shift their expectations, airport lounges need to re-imagine the customer journey by offering hyper-personalised services. From providing high-end facilities to creating tailored touchpoints - it's all about the customer journey. 25 Jun 2019 Read more

Sofacompany brings online shopping experience to life with new showroom
As technology advances - so does shopping behaviour. While trends show a growth in e-commerce, there are still consumers who prefer the tactile benefit of purchasing in-store. For retailers, creating an omnichannel shopping experience means giving the customer the best of both worlds. 19 Jun 2019 Read more

Dickies creates a distinct customer experience at flagship store
Unforgettable brands sell unforgettable experiences. In today's highly competitive retail environment, differentiating your business from competitors is paramount. How does a brand with a strong global following reflect their distinct image in store? 21 May 2019 Read more

Menlyn Boutique Hotel transforms their guest experience with music
What does the future of hospitality look like? Tourism trends predict that changes in travel behaviour will force the industry to explore new ways of enhancing the overall customer journey. One of the most effective ways to create a personalised guest experience is to introduce a multi-sensory element. 16 Apr 2019 Read more

3 key reasons to go visual
Visual is king. Living in the instant gratification world of digital means that there is a growing need for consumers to interact with their environments, in real time. Businesses the world over are adjusting their models from the static brick and mortar spaces, to be more interactive and customer-centric. No matter what industry you're in - it's not about if you go visual, but when. 19 Mar 2019 Read more

Pizza Hut goes digital with DMX in Nigeria
With over 17,000 restaurants in more than 110 countries, Pizza Hut, the world's largest pizza chain, has recently expanded their network across the African continent with the first restaurants opening in Nigeria recently. Pizza Hut Nigeria, operated by Marathon Restaurants Africa opened their first three restaurants in Ikoyi, Lekki and Ikeja Mall in Lagos. 31 Jan 2019 Read more

The honeymoon is over for South African retailers. According to figures released by Statistics South Africa last week, retail sales have fallen for the first time in nearly seven years. 28 Feb 2008 Read more

Communications consultancy Bullion PR & Communication has won the bid to provide public relations services to DMX Music Africa - a global leader in the development and engineering of audio branding. 27 Feb 2008 Read more

The right music can contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased restaurant sales, says a business music expert. 26 Feb 2008 Read more

Building a powerful brand is one thing. Consistently delivering on your customer promise day in and day out through a myriad of touch points is the hard slog of what it means to maintain a powerful business. In a market where advertising is becoming saturated, brands live or die through every experience your customers have with your staff. Craig Cesman, Chief Executive Officer of DMX Music looks at customer touch points, the interface where your brand meets your consumer and then lives or dies. 25 Feb 2008 Read more

The best gift retailers can give their customers this festive season is a uniquely mixed music mix from DMX, instead of another round of Boney M or Bing Crosby. 19 Nov 2007 Read more

A restaurateur's best friend is a loyal customer. The secret ingredient of the right music in a recipe for customer loyalty has been tried and tested by DMX. 23 Oct 2007 Read more

Night clubs and music concerts are no longer the only places where the youth market is rocking to the newest hits. Retail stores, restaurants and leisure spots eager to grow their footprint in the sought-after youth market now understand that music is the fastest route in. 18 Oct 2007 Read more

It's the sound of music that's making people happy and driving up bottom line performance in consumer driven businesses. Why? It's simple. Music has a unique relationship with the psyche that directly affects mood and can change consumer behavior. Watch out as audio branding becomes the next big thing for gyms, hotels, restaurants, shops and other retail and leisure environments. 11 Oct 2007 Read more

Smart retailers like @home understand the relationship between experience, customer delight and to create a home away from home where shoppers will spend more time and money. 4 Oct 2007 Read more

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