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#BehindtheIMC: Brian Mtongana, executive creative director at Woolworths

Leading up to this year's Nedbank IMC Conference, Bizcommunity, as a media partner, presents exclusive profiles of the professionals set to speak at the event on 15 September.

This week we speak to the executive creative director at Woolworths, Brian Mtongana.

Brian Mtongana will be speaking at the Nedbank IMC Conference on 15 September.
Brian Mtongana will be speaking at the Nedbank IMC Conference on 15 September.

What excited you about the upcoming Nedbank IMC Conference and being a speaker at the event?

It’s an opportunity to meet, network, share insights with like-minded people and industry colleagues which is a fuel of inspiration in our busy schedules. I’m looking forward to the coming together of a diverse group of professionals, including marketers, advertisers, industry experts, and potential clients. I am looking forward to learning from experts as these sessions can provide valuable insights, best practices, and the latest trends in marketing and advertising.

Lastly, sharing knowledge and impacting others because as a speaker, you have the chance to share your experiences, lessons learned, and success stories with others.

What upcoming trend is important for the industry and why?

Digital marketing is not upcoming but it plays a significant role in today's landscape. Familiarise yourself with various digital marketing channels, including social media, content marketing, SEO, and email marketing.

It’s so complex and multifaceted and if as a brand you haven’t mastered it and spent time to understand, you will be left out as it evolves very quickly. This also includes influencer marketing, and video marketing which allows you to authentically connect with your audience on a personal level, humanising your brand. Within the same spectrum, user-generated content which is credible and believable.

We are also seeing more inclusive marketing and the use of AI.

How would you describe yourself in one word?


What excites you the most about your industry?

The creativity and innovation allows us to come up with unique and imaginative ideas to capture the attention of target audiences and create memorable campaigns. We also work in very fast-paced environment as trends change quickly, and new technologies continually emerge. This fast-paced nature keeps us on our toes and encourages you to stay agile and adaptable.

The industry thrives on collaboration and teamwork meaning working with creative teams, copywriters, designers, and strategists brings together diverse skills and perspectives to create compelling campaigns. Keeping up with consumer trends and behaviour is always changing, making it an ongoing challenge for us creators and marketers.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your job?

Problem solving and innovation as I’m tasked with finding unique and effective solutions to marketing and branding challenges. The ability to come up with innovative ideas and strategies can be intellectually rewarding.

Leading a team and handling high-level responsibilities can foster personal and professional growth. I constantly learn from my team, peers, and challenges I encounter. There is continuous learning as the creative industry is ever-evolving, and as an executive creative director, I must stay abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and consumer behaviours. This continuous learning can be stimulating and intellectually satisfying. I love the brand I work for too.

What are the most important lessons you have learned in your career?

Don’t be a one-trick-pony. The industry is constantly evolving and you have to evolve with it.

What advice do you have for a young person looking to enter the industry?

Get educated and pursue formal education in marketing, advertising, or related fields. A degree or relevant certifications can provide you with a solid foundation and essential knowledge to kickstart your career. Stay updated with industry trends as the marketing industry is ever evolving, with new technologies and trends constantly emerging.

Be curious and creative as marketing is about solving problems and connecting with audiences in innovative ways. Embrace new ideas and think outside the box. Develop strong communication skills as effective communication is vital in marketing. Work on your writing, presentation, and interpersonal skills to convey ideas clearly and persuasively. Build a strong network.

More about the Nedbank IMC

In-person tickets to the Nedbank IMC 2023 on 15 September at the Urban Brew Studios are sold out. Book your virtual ticket and you will automatically be added to the in-person waiting list should you wish to be upgraded if a space becomes available.

Virtual tickets priced at R1499 excluding VAT. For more information and to book, visit .

The annual Nedbank IMC Conference is Africa’s foremost integrated marketing conference.This conference has more CMOs, senior marketers and agency leaders attending than any other in Africa and is relevant to anyone in the business of communication.

Now in proud partnership with The Effie Awards South Africa – the world’s preeminent marketing effectiveness award – the Nedbank IMC is presented in association with MASA, in collaboration with the ACA, in partnership with the DMASA and is endorsed by the IAB. The 2023 theme is Marketing UpClose&Personal and is relevant to anyone in the business of communication.


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