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Kandua brings disinfection system to SA

South African online home services marketplace, Kandua, has partnered with Singapore-based Disinfection2U to bring their commercial, vehicle and residential disinfection services to South Africa. Kandua will offer the service to its customers locally by working with some of the vetted professional cleaning services SMEs on its platform.
With over 8 million South Africans have returned to work earlier this month, workplaces have been required to adopt significant changes to their operations to ensure that they limit the spread of the coronavirus in their facilities.

In addition to hand washing, masks, screens, physical distancing measures and sanitisers, which have become a common sight in retail outlets, disinfecting of building interiors and surfaces is another measure that can support this objective.

“The Sars-Cov-2 virus can remain active for up to six days on surfaces. This is where professional disinfection helps, provided that it is done correctly and proven products are used,” says Arjun Khoosal, co-founder of Kandua.

“We wanted to make sure that we offer our customers a product that they can rely on, and this is why we’ve partnered with Disinfection2U to bring this professional disinfection service to South Africa.”

The Disinfection2U system involves a screening and vulnerability assessment before sealing and protecting all electrical outlets and then applying the disinfection products through bio-fogging, misting or electrostatic spraying. The Disinfection2U system has been used by companies and institutions across Asia Pacific to provide disinfection and surface protection, including in hospitals, on ATMs and in the Singaporean metro system. They use professional-grade products that have been certified by third parties for efficacy and safety, and are compliant with the Singaporean and Australian government guidelines. An advanced coating for extended protection is also available for frequently touched areas.

“This new market need creates an opportunity for small cleaning businesses on our platform. Through this partnership we can fast track them to providing a professional disinfection service on top of their normal services, for homes, cars, offices, shops and industrial spaces” says Khoosal.

“We have over 10,000 home service providers such as plumbers, electricians, builders and cleaning services on our platform. These are SMEs and independent professionals who have all seen a significant decline in their income as a result of the pandemic. Through this partnership, we can help our cleaning service providers respond to the changing market dynamics, while providing a vital, professional-grade service to businesses and homeowners,” concludes Khoosal.

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