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The Young Entrepreneur's Playbook - Using failure as a shortcut to success

Bring your lowtops or hightops, because Lindile Xoko's playbook will make you run!
The Young Entrepreneur's Playbook - Using failure as a shortcut to success

Let Lindile Xoko take you on a fun and inspiring journey with The Young Entrepreneur’s Playbook. As one of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, he’ll loosen things up by showing you how mistakes can be creative, that perfection can hold you back, and that innovation begins in the heart.

This playbook shows the path to the desired destination of every entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is able to define their own formula for success, from the first inkling of an idea into the steps that will make the idea a reality.

Lindile push-starts the entrepreneur using a strategy he calls Rapid Deployment which monetises ideas by turning them into reality. This model moves an idea from zero to a hundred in a matter of days. Fast implementation allows the idea to move through its life cycle in an encouragingly short space of time. Most importantly, it pushes the budding entrepreneur to start their journey.

A vision of a successful exit is determined at the point of entry. The entrepreneur is encouraged to take full control of how the journey ends or evolves. This vision will guide the entrepreneur as he or she starts and grows the business.

At its core, The Young Entrepreneur’s Playbook is for anyone who has dreamed a dream, who has an idea to bring to life, wants to provide something of value, has challenges to move beyond, aspirations to chase after and above all a willingness to do something about it.

This is the playbook that will show you how to get it done.

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