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Marketing by association

Getaway's recent promotion of a holiday to Zanzibar offered to Standard Bank Achiever Plan account holders is an example of how two brands can benefit by association.
The campaign appeals to professionals with high disposable income by affiliating the Achiever brand with other brands having strong aspirational value. Achiever clients are offered an exclusive discount on a holiday to Zanzibar packaged by the magazine's retail travel division, Getaway Travel.

The offer is promoted in a double-page spread in Getaway's December issue and will be repeated in the January and February issues, while the top 50 branches of Standard Bank will feature Getaway Travel-branded posters in March.

"Increasingly marketers understand that interactive communication with special interest groups helps develop and strengthen their own brand values and achieve their marketing objectives," explained Getaway's National Business Manager, Tanya Caldwell. "With this campaign, Standard Bank has cleverly associated the Achiever product with aspirational brands that reinforce the achiever image. The synergy between the aspirational nature of travel for Achiever account holders and Getaway Travel's specially priced trip to Zanzibar means that both brands benefit by association."

Details of the Getaway Travel offer will also be included with January statements to the bank's Achiever clients.
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