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The perfect gift this holiday: LG OLED TVs

The holidays are a time for family. And, sometimes, the perfect way to spend quality time together is with a classic festive flick. Watching TV at home during the holidays can be a great way to relax and unwind after a busy year. It's also an opportunity to bond with your loved ones and catch up on everyone's favourite shows.

Whether you’re fans of heart-warming Christmas movies, big sports events, or high-octane action films, there's a show or movie that will appeal to every member of your family. You'll also need a TV that can create the most immersive and enjoyable viewing experiences for the whole crew.

LG OLED TVs are great for families looking to upgrade their TV during the holiday season. One of the key benefits of LG OLED TVs is their ability to produce perfect blacks. Unlike traditional LED TVs, which use a backlight to illuminate the screen, OLED TVs use individual pixels that can be turned on and off independently. This means when a pixel is ‘off’, it is truly black, rather than just a dark shade of grey. This allows for better contrast and more detailed images, making for a more lifelike and engaging viewing experience.

With their superior picture quality, colour and contrast, wide viewing angles, various sports and gaming features, and a whole lot more, OLED TVs could make the perfect gift to treat the family during the holidays. Look out for these latest models from LG:

LG 83” OLED evo C2 Series TV


The LG OLED evo C2 Series TV is one of the latest additions to LG's line of OLED TVs, and it's making waves in the world of home entertainment. Designed for an outstanding gaming, movie and sport viewing experience, the LG OLED evo C2 gives new meaning to watching content in stunning 4K at a 120 Hz refresh rate. The C2 also features LG’s new evo panel – the next evolution of OLED, which delivers up to 20% more luminance.

LG 77'' G2 OLED evo Gallery Edition TV


LG’s G2 OLED evo Gallery Edition comes with all the essential features for gaming or watching movies, series and sports – but it’s also designed to be sleek and stylish. The TV has a slim, frameless, flush-to-the-wall design that allows it to blend seamlessly into any home decor. It also has a built-in surround sound system that delivers rich, immersive sound without the need for external speakers. And, with LG’s latest α9 Gen 5 AI Processor, it can up-mix any 2-channel audio into virtual 7.1.2 channel sound – turning any content into an even more immersive cinematic experience. And, with the peak brightness of the evo panel, the LG 77’’ G2 OLED evo is a feast for the eyes both on-screen and in your living room.

LG 65” OLED CS Series TV


In addition to being great for watching sports and movies, LG’s OLED CS Series TV is widely considered to be one of the best screens for gaming. Because OLED TVs don’t process any backlighting, they are able to outperform most gaming monitors with a near-instantaneous 0.1 milliseconds response time. And with low input lag, the latest adaptive syncing technologies, four HDMI 2.1 ports, and various built-in gaming features, the LG OLED CS series TV gives new meaning to gaming in true 4K at 120 Hz.

Bring the cinema to the living room

No matter what you choose to watch or what TV you’re watching on, the important thing is to spend time together as a family. So grab some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and make the most of this special time with your loved ones. And if you really want to bring the cinema to the living room this holiday season, take a look at LG’s latest OLED TVs at

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