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LED screens: the perfect solution to inform the public safely

VisualLED offers communications solutions so businesses and organisations can adapt to the new post-Covid normality

These are difficult times for advertising and communications in general, as the Covid-19 crisis has brought the activities of businesses and big cities to a halt. But as this virus begins to subside and normality seems to be just around the corner, it is important for public organizations and business owners to make sure they create a safe environment for citizens and customers in order to keep the spread of this virus at bay.

Thus, a large LED screen is the perfect solution to keep people up to date with the latest safety measures and inform passers-by of the latest official updates. It is a great alternative to handing out flyers or conventional posters, as it helps save up on paper and promotes social distancing. But it is not only public institutions that can benefit from the advantages of these devices. This is also a great option for outdoor advertising. Whether placed on busy streets or by main highways, LED displays will stand out and deliver video and image adverts in high definition even in broad daylight.

The same goes for LED screens for shops and shop windows, which can help businesses display all their offers and products from afar when there are restrictions for the number of people allowed in commercial premises. Thus, while clients are waiting in line, the business can both entertain them and broadcast useful information, or even advertise certain products outdoors. VisualLED offers displays for all kinds of business: from LED screens for hairdressers, shopping malls, restaurants to hospitals.

VisualLED, which specialises in LED displays, has more than 15 years experience working with administrations and businesses all over the globe, and offers quality and sensible LED prices as well as bespoke solutions for each of their clients. This is why they are well aware that this new era will mean new and safe communications for citizens all around the world. Their customer service will advise you on the best solutions for you business or institution via their contact form or by phone, dialling (+44) 203 769 5276.




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