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Twitter tweet sees Sacco sacked

NEWSWATCH: ABC News reports that the woman who tweeted on Friday to the effect that she was coming to SA but apparently wouldn't get AIDS, as she is white, has been fired.

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  • ABC News: Woman Fired After Tweet on AIDS in Africa Sparks Internet Outrage... The mind boggles... How many times have people been caught for making very ill-advised comments on social media?

    I know... many. And yet people don't seem to learn. We've had people slagging off their bosses, their companies, and anyone else who they reckon deserves to be slagged off. Then they are found out, and end up losing their job and/or facing legal action, legal costs and damages.

    This sort of thing is right up there with making hoax emergence calls or telling the airport official that you have a bomb in your bag.

    It's a way to ruin your career and an abysmally stupid thing to do - particularly as there are so many examples out there of people who have paid the cost for doing exactly the same thing.

    The latest - but you can bet on your life not the last - is Justine Sacco, director of corporate communications for IAC. Well, she was director of corporate communications for IAC. Now she's just plain Justine Sacco - because she has been fired.

    (Images used in this newswatch are via Facebook)

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