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#BizTrends2023: Brands to create societal impact through intimacy

The world has been rebooted, the playing fields evened. Brands have the opportunity to take giant leaps forward, young challenger brands the possibility to leapfrog longer-established brands by standing for something that resonates personally with different individuals.
#BizTrends2023: Brands to create societal impact through intimacy

Within this context, making real societal impact – as a brand and as a human – in 2023 is going to require time and intimacy. Only this will bring sufficient understanding of each other, our markets, audiences, and allow us to build life-strong relationships.

What to understand

  • Intimacy
  • Know who you’re talking to, and know how to talk with them. Getting to know your audience intimately has never been as high a priority as it is now, because what worked before may not necessarily work today.

    Understand that the layers of audience personas have deepened, and so have the levels of refined targeting of these audiences on digital channels. Immerse, immerse, immerse. In trade, in people’s lives, in understanding.

  • Getting personal
  • People today do not want to follow a crowd. They want to know that they are unique individuals who make their own decisions and want to know that brands understand them, their needs and desires. Personalised communication goes back to the fundamentals of connecting with people through human truths - for all to feel the ‘aaaah’ moment that they can relate to. Unique engaging and talkable customer experiences and user journeys will add the next level of depth.

  • Trust issues
  • What and who do we really believe anymore? Is it really good for me? Was it really sustainably sourced? Marketers need to rebuild trust in brands through honesty, transparency and relationship.

    People trust those brands that add true value to their lives, navigate life with them, assist them but let them make their decisions on their own terms, and who really change the world for the better. Trusted brands will win in the medium to long term despite pricing and discounting wars.

  • Survival of the fastest
  • The lightning pace of life is real. Technology. Media overload. Everything happening in real time. Today’s favourite TikTok challenge is history tomorrow. The kid next door is the next big YouTube star. We want the convenience of shopping online, but can we wait three to five days for delivery? We want instant gratification of walking in and out of a store. We want video content shot with a phone, but the quality of the best SuperBowl commercial.

    Those who adapt the fastest to rapidly evolving technologies and tools, consumer desires and shopping habits will win in 2023. The answers lie in balancing the pace and power of technology artificial intelligence with the emotional intelligence of understanding people intimately.

  • Culture currency
  • Those businesses and brands who at their core invest in and foster a thriving internal culture will outperform others who may have the same quality product or service. Employee engagement and advocacy is where the strength of a brand starts. Keep people informed, involved and inspired. Invest in people, and your product will win. Get this real and right, and half the work is done.
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