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How to hack Pinterest to market your business

Marketing is a dense arena with many companies adopting the same stale approach. But, there is a new strategy you can implement focusing on the sleeping giant of the social media realm: Pinterest.

Compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest can be a highly effective way to get both new visitors to your website and more social signals for better search engine result rankings in Google. In fact, it should be one of your main content marketing strategies these days. Known for being one of the fastest growing websites on the internet, Pinterest is particularly powerful for sites with interesting images on their webpages or other good visual content such as e-commerce. Not only a photo-sharing website with 150-million monthly users, Pinterest is now a strategic marketing tool.

Here's Yotpo's strategy to harness the platform's ability to generate interest to your business.

Pinterest hack #1: Make your pins buyable

Buyable pins take rich pins to the the next level and allow users to buy products directly from Pinterest itself. Aside from making shopping convenient, buyable pins allow consumers to confidently and safely make a purchase. If you are an e-commerce company, you need to give your customers the chance to purchase your products through all channels where you interact with them. This is crucial for success, increasing both traffic and revenue.

Pinterest hack #2: Leverage user-generated content

Get your customers to market your brand for you by providing them opportunities to create user-generated content. Pinterest is the perfect platform for allowing customers to express gratitude by curating user-generated photos, reviews, and content of your products or services – and sharing this with other users. Seeing customers actually enjoying the products you sell should be the end-goal for all e-commerce companies.

Pinterest hack #3: Engage customers with a contest

Contests create interactions, mentions and referrals about your brand. Referrals, interactions and mentions on Pinterest result in, you guessed it, sales. Pinterest users are some of the most engaged and active social users online. Promotional giveaways are a great way to increase engagement and create buzz around your business or brand.

Pinterest hack #4: Don’t forget about the guys

You might be surprised to hear that men are using Pinterest more than reading Sports Illustrated and GQ combined! Men and shopping are two words that typically do not go well together but they have quickly become the fastest-growing user demographic on Pinterest. By changing the game and using this effective hack in your own business marketing strategy you can reach an audience that others may not necessarily think of.

Pinterest hack #5: Use keywords that will resonate

Understanding how Pinterest works is key to optimising your keywords and making sure your pins get the attention they deserve. When users come to Pinterest, they can filter the content they see by entering relevant keywords. Optimising your pins for popular keywords is one of the best ways to boost exposure, so choose your keywords with care. SEO is a marketing tool that most companies don’t necessarily utilise as an e-commerce resource. With SEO you can optimise keywords in hashtags, pin descriptions and even your URL.

Pinterest hack #6: Start and collaborate in group boards

Group boards are a feature on Pinterest that allows for other pinners to contribute their own content to your communal board. By including this easy growth hack as part of your own strategy you can endlessly reach out to thousands of users and potential customers. Whether you have group boards of your own or are an active collaborator for another group board, you can begin to utilise them to drive referral traffic.

Use these marketing hacks to increase and improve your current identity on the platform. The potential is enormous, and with these tools the engaged Pinterest audience will help you soar above your competition. Give it a try.

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