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Report shows that 5G users in SA are more satisfied

A new report by Ericsson ConsumerLab, a research arm of the Swedish telecom giant, has revealed how 5G is transforming the mobile experience and consumer behavior in South Africa. 5G Value: Turning performance into loyalty, is based on a survey of 1,220 consumers in South Africa, including over 370 active 5G customers. It also represents the views of 4 million 5G users and 26 million consumers in the country.
Report shows that 5G users in SA are more satisfied

According to the report, 5G users in South Africa are more satisfied with their network performance than 4G users and are more likely to stay loyal to their service providers. However, they are also more sensitive to network quality at key locations, such as stadiums, entertainment arenas and airports, and more willing to pay premiums for enhanced connectivity and content.

Key findings

5G is reshaping video streaming and AR usage: The surge in user engagement is driven by the enhanced capabilities of video and AR applications. On average, 5G users globally report a 47% increase in time spent on enhanced video formats over the past two years. The number of daily AR application users has doubled since the end of 2020.

5G progress is elevating consumer satisfaction: 5G biggest impact for the network operators is elevating overall customer satisfaction by 32% compared to 4G. 5G satisfaction is also increasing year or year by 13%, with 48% of 5G users being very satisfied with their 5G experience.

5G performance at key locations influences consumer loyalty: 17% of 5G users have switched service providers since the launch of 5G, with 50% of those due to the 5G network's performance. The main performance related reasons for switching included network speed and stability of mobile data connectivity.

5G consumers are willing to pay premiums for differentiated connectivity: 5G smartphone users are willing to pay an average premium of 17% for app bundles in 5G and a 16% premium for quality of service-led offerings.

Network performance shapes customer loyalty

"South Africa is among the countries experiencing 5G growth, providing remarkable prospects for communication service providers to leverage and monetise. As highlighted in the report, there is a growing user satisfaction with network performance and an impressive impact of the 5G network on video streaming and augmented reality usage,” says Hossam Kandeel, VP for the MTN global and Africa customer units at Ericsson Market Area Middle East and Africa.

“What is particularly intriguing is how 5G network performance shapes consumer loyalty, making superior service a key factor for customer retention. Our commitment to collaborating with partners to unlock the full potential of 5G remains unwavering as we strive to connect lives, empower businesses, and advance the sustainable future of South Africa and the continent."

The report is part of the comprehensive Ericsson research series, which has tracked the evolution of the 5G consumer market since 2019.

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