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Reuters launches daily African TV

Reuters has expanded its television coverage of Africa with the recent launch of a dedicated daily video feed, Reuters Africa Daily. The new service provides both African and global broadcasters with a variety of video news from the region.
Tony Donovan, MD of Reuters Television, says, "Reuters has been reporting on Africa since the 1870s, and tries to avoid reporting African stories only when there is disaster. We include the context around a story - showing progress when it is achieved, and giving a wider sense of the issues and countries. We cover all aspects of life in Africa, not just the geopolitical news agenda''.

The new service, which began 30 October 2006, has been made possible partly because of technological advances: the development of FTP delivery and light-weight satellite broadcasting devices, makes same-day news available from most African locations.

Scripted in both English and French, Africa Daily provides a package of a full range of news from the continent, including politics, business and foreign investment, arts and culture, sport, science, and lifestyle. Africa Daily also covers international news with an African perspective, and give a voice to the African migrant communities around the world.

Reuters Africa Daily offers access to quality natural sound video news which broadcasters are able to edit and adapt for their audiences.
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