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#Loeries2018: The work that's expected to fly

Keeping to the Women's Month theme, we asked a couple of female local jurors: Keri-Ann Stanton (head of PR a Avatar) and Nkgabiseng Motau (co-founder and CD at Think Creative Hub) to select this year's Loeries predictions in their respective judging categories.
Keri-Ann Stanton and Nkgabiseng Motau

Here, the work they think deserving of a bird at Loeries 2018…

Predictions by Keri-Ann Stanton, head of PR at Avatar on the live communications and PR judging panel

Predictions are always tricky. My gut is telling me that the live events may be the more innovative and exciting part of the judging as PR seems to have gone into quite a functional space this past year. Perhaps this has been because of the incredible amount of crisis and brand trust issues that have arisen as marketers, and agencies have struggled with corporate governance, fake news, global campaigns not translating well to local environments. It doesn’t seem as if it has been a fun time in the PR space, but I am hoping that there are some clever cut-through creative entries. As always, I’m looking forward to seeing the Middle East and African entries.
BizcommunityOutside your category, what are your general expectations for the quality of this year’s entries.

The Cannes winners were a good indication of creativity in our region being alive and well. I loved seeing the spread of agencies that were represented.

#CannesLions2018: All the SA winners!

The 65th annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity came to an end on 22 June 2018, rounding out a full week of award shows that celebrated creativity across various categories. Here's how SA fared overall...

22 Jun 2018

That said, the Apex Awards were a sobering indictment of how little great, results-driven work has been delivered this year.


The annual Apex events were held at the Sandton Convention Centre today, 16 July, where the Association for Communication and Advertising hosted its 'NeXt Level of Thinking Masterclass' and the Apex Awards...

16 Jul 2018

It is clear that it has been a tough year with lots of business challenges for all. So, perhaps the quality of the entries may be lower, but it will also make it easier to laud and applaud the pieces of work that make us laugh, cry and ultimately change our behaviour.

BizcommunityFavourite ad campaigns of the year?

From a PR perspective, locally, I loved the Avbob Poetry campaign. I thought it was a clever, smart way of linking an insurance product to a relevant and resonant message that made complete sense for their target market.

#OrchidsandOnions: Business of death gets a moving spin... but North-West website doesn't walk the talk

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By Brendan Seery 7 Aug 2018

I also thought the Sanlam 2-Minute Shower Songs PR campaign was brilliant – taking a message and making it relevant for the audience.

#Prisms2018: 2-Minute Shower Songs is Campaign of the Year!

This campaign was an instant success, shifting the focus from a Cape Town issue to a collective national responsibility. People around the country rallied behind 2-Minute Shower Songs, and the message translated across geographies, even garnering support from international audiences...

23 Apr 2018

Globally, Fearless Girl, a PR Cannes award winner is close to my heart. I’ve actually broken it down as a case study for a client: on how flexible and fluid the campaign was (she only got her name hours before launch), to how it actually shone a light back on the client for not putting their money where their mouth was regarding gender diversity (they actually got fined) and how social activism and community support took what was essentially a short-term PR stunt and, a year later, Fearless Girl has morphed into many different messages whilst still standing. Love it!

#CannesLions2017: PR Lions winners!

The 64th annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity hosted the Cannes PR award ceremony on 19 June 2017...

19 Jun 2017

Predictions by Nkgabiseng Motau, co-founder and creative director at Think Creative Hub on the non-English, film craft, print and out of home judging panels

This year I judged non-English entries across various categories. I predict the work that will win is work that is culturally nuanced and well crafted. The non-English work is judged separately, but it competes with all the other work of the show, so we are looking for excellence.
BizcommunityOutside your categories, what are your general expectations for the quality of this year’s entries?

The Loeries is a regional show that looks for excellence among local advertisers and marketers and that informs the judging criteria. We look for innovation, relevance and craft in every piece of work.

BizcommunityFavourite ad campaigns of the year?

I love so many pieces of work this year, but I really love the Allan Gray ‘Father’s Share’ commercial. It is a wonderful story that is truly South African, but also set well in the Allan Gray brand.

Howard Audio scores with Allan Gray

Howard Audio was commissioned by agency King James II to compose the music for the latest Allan Gray campaign, flighting on TV, radio and cinema...

Issued by Howard Audio 22 May 2018

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