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MPowerFM's GM moves on

MPowerFM's General Manager, Bondo Ntuli, leaves Mpumalanga's first independent commercial radio station at the end of this month. Ntuli joined MPowerFM in October 2007 and was part of the station's launch and first year of existence.
Commenting on Ntuli's departure, MPowerFM's Chairman, Mark Schormann, said Ntuli has been an integral part of the station's first year: “Bondo brought experience to a very young and inexperienced team, and was exactly what MPowerFM needed to get through the first year,” commented Schormann. “The first year of a start-up business is its toughest, and the challenges were made even greater by the tough economic conditions.”

Under Ntuli's leadership MPowerFM established a listenership of 105,000 in its first year, with 75% of these listeners in LSM 7-10.

Ntuli says the past 14 months have been an adventure. “To establish this radio station from nothing has been a really fulfilling experience. We have some great talent at MPowerFM, and it won't be long before the radio station owns the hearts and minds of the people of Mpumalanga,” says Ntuli.

Before joining MPowerFM, Ntuli was a presenter and programme manager at YFM in Johannesburg.

And his next move? “This past year has taken a lot out of me, and it might be time to try my hand at something entirely different,” says Ntuli.

A successor has not yet been announced, and MPowerFM will be managed for the foreseeable future by the Specialist Team from AME, who is also a minority shareholder in the station.
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Hawu boss, that was quick but anyway I wish you all the best. You'll do well in your new endevour.
Posted on 15 Dec 2008 16:15
Shoved On-
Its more like pushed out of the set up. You don`t perform , you`re out
Posted on 15 Dec 2008 18:45
Timothy Tim -nice Mogogole
Come home...sweet home-
honestly i think Ntuli was very, very bored by Mpmalanga as a province and Mpower fm....cause the was no progress...the station wasn't make any make as it suppose to and night's not like Jo-burg maboneng....come home...sweet home...
Posted on 15 Dec 2008 22:09
Best Wishes-
Best wishes Mr. Ntuli, may your next adventure be an exciting and prosperous one!
Posted on 16 Dec 2008 09:26
tough one-
From YFm to MpowerFm it was just down grading! Jozi is for you brotherman! Mpowerfm is boring!
Posted on 17 Dec 2008 12:01
Zowakha Mbatha
What happened??-
Somebody please tell me what happened between Bondo and MPower? Was it perfomance? I unfortunately can't listen to this staion but Bondo is one of the graetest pioneers of Black Youth Radio so what went wrong?
Posted on 6 Jan 2009 11:50
I'm available-
I think the post is meant for me to put the MPower FM to the next better level.
Posted on 13 Jan 2009 16:48

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