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Mike Sham on the dying stage of any Political Party.

Mike Sham on the dying stage of any Political Party.

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    #FutureFit Yourself: The power of podcast in the 21st century w/ Gavin Kennedy

    Who could imagine that after all of these years, Steve Jobs was a prophet? In 2005 he made it clear that he will support podcasts on iTunes and he was unyielding that podcasts are the future.
    #FutureFit Yourself: The power of podcast in the 21st century w/ Gavin Kennedy
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    He went as far to state the following:

    Podcasting is the next generation of radio and users can now subscribe to more than 3,000 free podcasts and have each new episode automatically delivered over the internet to their computer or iPod.

    Gavin Kennedy, CEO of Solid Gold Podcast Studios.
    Gavin Kennedy, CEO of Solid Gold Podcast Studios.

    I approached Gavin Kennedy, CEO of Solid Gold Podcast Studios who specialises in the production and studio recording, hosting, publishing and personality design. I wanted him to give more insight into why podcasts shouldn’t be ignored?

    In our conversation, he mentions something that truly resonates with me. “Radio as we know it is dead, it just hasn't fallen over yet. When last did a radio show in your car actually add some value to your life? The traffic report? - Waze does that better. Sports updates? - you already follow your favourite teams on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. News? - you read the headlines ages ago. Entertainment news? - you saw the same stories they're recounting on social media. Yesterday already. Music selection? - Spotify is making an awesome playlist just for you. Still, want to invest in a radio station?”

    Do people actually listen to podcasts?

    Podcast popularity has grown tremendously in the past 13 years and it is changing people’s lives, not to mention the huge potential that exists for brands to humanise their businesses and create more “connected” content for their audiences. I myself started a proper podcast 12 months ago and I could never imagine the potential as to how it would change my life and add value to people’s lives (my audiences). Seeing my audience grow week by week is the most exciting part of the journey to see what works well and what needs to be changed.

    In a recent Edison report they state that the reason why podcasts are popular is because it is everywhere. More than one in three listeners are engaged while driving, commuting, walking or working out. The time that was once spent listening to conventional radio or music is now being used more productively.

    Why is podcasts the next frontier for thought leaders and businesses?

    Gavin says, “Humans evolved to our present form around 200,000 years ago, yet we've only been writing for around 5,000 of those years. Until very recently, we've been species that shared all knowledge verbally. For me, there's still something very deep about a sincere story around WHY people (and companies) do what they do. While it's great to get the best price on a product, there's something significant about understanding the story behind that product, especially if it resonates with you. Storytelling feels like it's embedded in our DNA, and podcasting is making every story in the world instantly accessible.

    Podcasts can be used as an opportunity for storytelling of individuals and brands to demonstrate knowledge, expertise, caring and understanding of your industry and the needs of your clients/audience. Content can be short- or long-form and is the perfect vehicle for 'deep dives' on issues that affect you, your staff, your customers. Who wouldn't rather listen to an engaging conversation than read another glossy brochure?

    When someone chooses to listen to all (or even part) of your podcast, they are inviting you to sit alongside them in their home or their car and tell them your story. Uninterrupted!

    Podcasts are about building Trust and Credibility. They give you the opportunity of more time with people interested in your story.”

    Who has truly nailed the podcast phenomenon?

    Some of the podcasts that really managed to get the formula right are:

    • The Thrive Global Podcast
    • Freakonomics
    • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations
    • Without Fail
    • Tim Ferriss
    • Ted Talks 
    • The Moth 

    Why is it not too late to start?

    We hear it all, it’s a bubble. Maybe better explained by Amara’s Law. We overestimate the impact of Technology in the short run and underestimate it in the long run.

    Many people give up on podcasts because they expect to yield quick results. It takes time to refine your craft and evolve with it. Some people just don’t have the patience for it and to dedicate the necessary time to improve it.

    The good news is, start now and you will be ahead of the person who starts a year after you. You don’t have to be first. You are never too late to demonstrate you’re an expert in a field.

    As we are all rushing to the finish line to get this year over with to enjoy a good holiday. Why not use the holiday season to plan your podcast for 2019. #BeHeard in 2019

    In closing, podcasts are the new age of content and we are now in the second wave of this broadcasting phenomenon. Do something today your future self will thank you for.

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    Carmen Murray is one of the most influential modern marketers in South Africa. Her strong background in content, digital, mobile, innovation, and data analytics allows her to identify emerging trends and conceptualise disruptive communication strategies deployed with precision. The customer and their needs are always at the heart of her approach.
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