Carmen Murray

Founder and Tech Visionary at Boo-Yah!
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Carmen Murray is the founder of Boo-yah! and has become a household name among marketing professionals as a result of her inspirational "masterclasses". These sessions have reached thousands of marketers across SA. Carmen has been an inspirational speaker at more than 100 events in 20 countries to a combined audience of over 21,000 people Industry Contributions and an array of local and international business schools.
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#FutureFit Yourself: Lessons from nasty service with a nice smile

Companies spend millions to improve their service design and train staff to offer friendlier service and handle complaints more efficiently. My question is this: How can you expect your staff to provide a nasty service with a nice smile?

By Carmen Murray 14 Nov 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: The 5P's that will define the future shareholders' jobs

For businesses to thrive, it requires a shareholder that truly lives and breathes these 5P's; purpose, people, planet, privacy, and its profits...

By Carmen Murray 24 Oct 2019

#FutureFitYourself: Could sentiment analysis be the magic wand for understanding the contemporary consumer?

Sentiment analysis could expose some deep insights about our customers...

By Carmen Murray 5 Sep 2019

#FutureFitYourself: Is diversity applied responsibly?

I am always trying to get to the bottom of diversity inclusion and get different perspectives...

By Carmen Murray 22 Aug 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: 5 features of grit for every brand

Carmen Murray is curious about applying true grit to brands...

By Carmen Murray 15 Aug 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: Going back to basics

To be "warriors" of change, marketers need to solve tomorrow's problems today...

By Carmen Murray 8 Aug 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: Is your customer journey a map to failure?

I've done my fair share of keynote addresses and training on customer experiences and what it means to deliver exceptional brand experiences that lends itself to loyalty, customer obsession and to drive the behaviour to grow, retain and acquire new customers...

By Carmen Murray 21 May 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: Do you trust companies with your biometric data?

We need to go back to the basics in business and fortify our businesses in sound business practices and principles to earn and maintain the trust of our customers and to build successful, growing businesses...

By Carmen Murray 4 Apr 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: The culture gap conundrum

We can learn a lot from the Human Rights Day narrative - particularly that diversity should not be tolerated or simply managed, but rather accepted and celebrated on a grand scale...

By Carmen Murray 21 Mar 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: Why diversity inclusion requires a restoration strategy

Carmen Murray lists simple starting points for businesses to start the process of restoration...

By Carmen Murray 14 Mar 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: Does your business suffer from 'marketing myopia'?

We need to recognise that the reason growth and relevance of many businesses are threatened, slowed or stopped is not only due to a saturated market but because of the failure of management...

By Carmen Murray 28 Feb 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: Top 8 youth wonders under 30

Carmen Murray asked the public to vote to identify the top 8 youth wonders in South Africa under 30 and shares the results...

By Carmen Murray 7 Feb 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: Marnus Broodryk and attorney weigh in on Ubuntu Baba

Carmen Murray talks to Roy Taberer, a patent attorney from Taberer Attorneys, Kimberleigh Stark, an actress and producer from Stark SA, Shannon McLaughlin, owner of Ubuntu Baba and entrepreneur Marnus Broodryk of SME Africa to understand the lessons we can learn from this and how can we protect our ideas better...

By Carmen Murray 31 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: "Bang bang, feel the pain" if you don't know what customers want

What our customers want is the biggest trend for the 21st century and for years to come. It's not about us anymore...

By Carmen Murray 21 Jan 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: Stop manipulating NPS scores by incentivising your staff!

Ultimately, customers have been bullied by businesses for a long time, and sad to report on this, but not much has changed...

By Carmen Murray 17 Jan 2019

#FutureFit Yourself: "Voetsek," do you think I'm stupid?

Consumers crave brands that are authentic. They are not stupid, and they know when you are deceiving them...

By Carmen Murray 6 Dec 2018

#FutureFit Yourself: The art of persuasion w/ Kimberleigh Stark

Persuading a crowd, whether it's your customer, an audience at a conference, the board of directors or even a pitch to a possible client, requires the ability to make an impact with the art of persuasion and confidence...

By Carmen Murray 29 Nov 2018

#FutureFit Yourself: How to choose your DMP w/ Wayne Hull

As the technology stack grows year on year, it's becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to invest in the right DMP (data management platform). According to the 2018 MarTech Landscape from 2011 to 2018, finding the signal from the noise is not just a challenge for consumers, but it seems for marketers, publishers and businesses too...

By Carmen Murray 22 Nov 2018

#FutureFit Yourself: The power of podcast in the 21st century w/ Gavin Kennedy

Who could imagine that after all of these years, Steve Jobs was a prophet? In 2005 he made it clear that he will support podcasts on iTunes and he was unyielding that podcasts are the future...

By Carmen Murray 15 Nov 2018

#FutureFit Yourself: How to make innovation great again w/ Herman Singh

Carmen Murray interviews Herman Singh who unpacks the myths of disruptive innovation and explores what needs to be "spring cleaned" in our organisations to reap the blossoms of tomorrows profits...

By Carmen Murray 1 Nov 2018

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