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A first for South African radio

Hot 91.9FM has done it again! The multiple award-winning radio station has partnered with AltCoinTrader, for the first time on South African radio, to give listeners a chance to win a whole bitcoin worth thousands of rands.
The on-air competition runs until midnight on Wednesday, 20 June, and will see five Hot 91.9FM listeners in studio battling it out to win this incredible prize.

Lloyd Madurai enthuses, “What a privilege to be chosen as the on-air partner of AltCoinTrader to engage with our listeners and educate them on crypto-currency and familiarise them with groundbreaking crypto-trading.”

The competition mechanics are simple: Listeners are encouraged to watch the Altcoin video on HotTV at At the end of the video, they can enter into the draw and stand in line to be one of five listeners chosen to join the Hot 91.9 FM Breakfast team on air to participate in the draw to win the grand prize. The five listeners will be presented with five boxes, one of which will have the whole bitcoin, with the other boxes contain consolation prizes.

Tune into Hot 91.9FM everyday to find out more about “Breaking Down BitCoin” and you could be the bitcoin winner!

Hot 91.9FM's press office

Hot 91.9FM
Since its launch on the 17th of November 2014, Hot 91.9 FM has managed to propel itself, with lightning speed, straight into the obvious radio gap that existed in Gauteng.