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The power of regional radio: CapeTalk, corporates and schools behind Cape's water challenge

CapeTalk radio in partnership with the Shoprite Group and the University of Stellenbosch recently announced a smart water roll-out with 100 schools which aims to save one million litres of water a day at schools across Cape Town.
Kieno Kammies, Principal for Hector Pieterson School, Mike Mavovana and Stellenbosch University's Professor Thinus Booysen
Following the partnership announcement early in November and subsequent unveiling of the Smart Water meter called Dropula designed and built by Bridgiot, a start-up company affiliated with Stellenbosch University an additional 240 schools have been added to the list.

Pledges from corporates to install Dropula at schools came through following on-air discussions on the station. Earlier this week Dettol in conversation with Kieno Kammies pledged to sponsor an additional fifty schools. The result - 340 schools pledged, 16 schools are online and using the Dropula system with an additional 20 coming online by 1 December 2017.

“The water crisis in the Western Cape needs all of us to work together towards a solution. Our morning show in particular has been asking listeners to call in with proactive suggestions. Prof Thinus Booysen from Stellenbosch University’s solution was more than an idea, he had tried and tested a solution. We acted immediately taking it to air. This is how the Shoprite Group heard about it and the partnership followed,” said CapeTalk programme manager, Tessa van Staden.

Van Staden added: "The support from listeners and corporates has been phenomenal. This is a great example of how tech start-ups and government can partner with big business to deliver impact, which in this case will result in a massive effort to delay day zero by saving millions of litres of water."

Every 100 Smart Water Meters within schools in the Western Cape will enable:
  • 11,5000 people’s daily water allowance
  • Give 500,000 people a minimum of eight glasses of water a day
  • Give the average SA Household water for 40,000 days would save enough water per day
  • Equals 166,667 toilet flushes
For the latest updates on the Smart Water Meter challenge listen to Kieno Kammies Monday - Friday, 6-9am on CapeTalk radio or visit: www.capetalk.co.za and www.schoolswater.co.za

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