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Nu Metro to introduce two new Xtreme theatres

Nu Metro will open Xtreme theatres at the Nu Metro Emperors Palace in Johannesburg and at the Nu Metro Galleria on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast towards the end of June and July 2018, respectively.

Nu Metro Xtreme is one of Nu Metro’s top-tier cinema brands, along with their multi-sensory 4DX and luxurious VIP-theatres. Xtreme theatres present moviegoers with clear and bright images on extra-large screens as well as 360° sound.

Nu Metro to introduce two new Xtreme theatres

The new Xtreme cinema scheduled to open at Nu Metro Emperors Palace will boast a premium large format-screen that’s almost three storeys-high, one of the largest curved, silver cinema screens in South Africa. It will also feature a Barco phosphoric laser projector - delivering 4K Ultra HD visuals with a colour spectrum of around 70 trillion colours. Emperors Palace’s new Xtreme cinema will also have the largest Dolby ATMOS immersive audio system installed in Southern Africa.

“Nu Metro’s Xtreme cinemas showcase movies as the filmmakers intended for them to be experienced. We have gone over and beyond the expected standards to source only the best and latest technology – from the best in screens, to advanced sound and digital projection - to give South Africans an opportunity to enjoy movies at the highest quality possible,” explains Nu Metro Cinemas managing executive Nitesh Matai.

Nu Metro to introduce two new Xtreme theatres

Dolby ATMOS reproduces the most realistic cinema audio, with over 52 channels of sound, played through a wide array of speaker outlets placed strategically throughout the cinema (including overhead) - moving beyond the confines of stereo or surround sound. Dolby ATMOS delivers full all-around sound; sound objects can literally be moved around in 3D space. Movies are specifically produced and mastered for the ATMOS sound experience with most of the world’s filmmakers now embracing the vast potential presented by this next-generation sound system.

The JBL speakers installed for Xtreme at Nu Metro Emperors Palace are tailormade for large format-cinemas with powerful digital amplifiers delivering the sound of over 75kW. It functions above-spec and booms enhanced audio-power paired with very large cinema screens to inspire awe and 4K UHD laser projection.

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